TWISTED: Woman to serve longer prison time for “offending” migrant men who gang-raped a minor

 Germany's twisted justice system is currently on the world's radar as a 20-year-old woman was sentenced to a longer prison term than a group of men who were convicted of gang-raping a 14-year-old girl in Hamburg.

Last week, the woman was sentenced in the Wandsbek district court for "insult and threat" due to a message she left one of the rapists, calling him a "dishonorable rapist pig" and a "disgusting miscarriage" and also asking him: "Aren't you ashamed when you look in the mirror?" The woman did not know the perpetrator but saw his number circulating on the web after it was leaked by internet sleuths trying to mete out extrajudicial justice in the wake of the lenient verdict.

Due to the conviction, the woman was forced to spend a weekend in prison, which was more prison time than any of the foreign perpetrators received.

The brutal gang rape happened back in 2020 when the teenager was assaulted by nine men in Stadtpark, a place that was a popular spot for teens to hang out during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns. When the men isolated her from any other people in the park, the first group of four men raped her. They also robbed the girl of her phone and wallet. After that, the second group took over. The men then invited other groups of men via group chats, explaining where the girl was and that there were no witnesses near the defenseless victim. In addition, the rapists began sharing videos of their sexual assault, which the police were unable to recover, but which witnesses later described in court.

Two men came and raped her too then a single man arrived and did the same. The teen's ordeal still was not finished as a fourth group consisting of three men arrived and raped her as well. The child managed to break away and ran, though pursued by her rapists. Eventually, she came across people who recognized her traumatized state and immediately called the police. 

Eleven were initially arrested but the police were only able to identify sperm from nine of the men using their DNA samples to confirm their identities. According to the police, the convicted men were from an extremely "multicultural" background, including Egyptian, Afghani, Syrian, Kuwaiti, Libyan, Pole, Armenian and Montenegrin.

Some had German citizenship but a foreign background and all were represented by 20 different lawyers. Except for one convicted rapist, all were given suspended sentences and did not receive any prison time. The only man who served any prison time was a 19-year-old Iranian who was given two years and nine months; however, he will serve his time in a juvenile center. The trial ended up being extremely expensive, courtesy of the German taxpayers.

The girl now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to sources. During the trial, she testified about the attacks where according to German media, the rapists "showed no signs of remorse." One even reportedly nearly fell asleep. Videos of the first and third rapes had been recorded and shared by the assailants to contacts through WhatsApp, but the videos were deleted before the case could be heard in court.

Remix News reported that gang rapes carried out by foreign men have become common in Germany, a fact that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former federal government has consistently overlooked when claiming that Germany's migration story has been a success. In August, data contained in a report released by Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) revealed that an average of two women or girls are gang-raped in the country each day, with foreigners making up roughly half of the suspected perpetrators. Despite making up just 13.7 percent of Germany's population, aliens were involved in approximately half of all gang rape cases.  

Elon Musk: This is messed up

The fact that the woman who gave "threats and insults" to the evil sex offenders will get an even higher sentence, is so messed up. Big Tech mogul Elon Musk said as he caught the news on his social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Imposing guilt upon people for things that happened before they were even born is not right. It needs to stop," he tweeted.

More proof Germany's justice system has become messed up was when Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician Marie-Therese Kaiser was convicted earlier this year for publishing gang rape statistics in response to news that Afghan migrants would be moved to her district. The 27-year-old was found guilty in the Verden regional court in Lower Saxony for "inciting hatred" against local Afghan workers and ordered to pay a fine of €6,000 ($6417) and slapped with a criminal record.

The case relates back to a social media post from August 2021, in which she wrote: "Afghanistan refugees; Hamburg SPD mayor for 'unbureaucratic' admission; welcoming culture for gang rape?"

She linked an article showing that Afghans in Germany feature particularly high levels of gang rape activity. Kaiser was responding in 2021 to Hamburg's First Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD), who announced that 200 Afghan workers would be arriving in Hamburg. Kaiser protested this decision with her statistics, saying she was concerned about immigration and the potential for rape from "culturally alien masses."

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