Denmark to tax livestock farts and burps starting in 2030

 In order to achieve its planned 70 percent reduction in "greenhouse gas" emissions by the year 2030, Denmark will soon start taxing burps and farts from livestock animals like cows, sheep and pigs.

The first country in the world to target methane, Denmark is going after farmers and the agriculture industry at large as part of its war on global warming.

Taxation Minister Jeppe Bruus revealed that livestock farmers will have to abide by the new rules, which will involve measuring and taxing the gas released by animals as they eat, poop and go about their days.

Starting in 2030, Danish livestock farmers will have to start paying a "punitive financial imposition," to quote one media source, of 300 kroner, or around $43, per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) released. By 2035, that cost will increase to 750 kroner, or around $108.

Because of an income tax deduction that amounts to 60 percent, the actual cost to farmers will start at 120 kroner ($17.30) in 2030 and increase to 300 kroner ($42.95) by 2035.

"We will take a big step closer in becoming climate neutral in 2045," Bruus said in his announcement about how Denmark "will be the first country in the world to introduce a real CO2 tax on agriculture" in the hopes that other countries will follow suit.


"Green" taxes are big business

New Zealand attempted the very same thing with plans to implement a burp and fart tax on livestock starting in 2025, but it was scrapped following heavy criticism from farmers, as well as a major political change in 2023 after the far-left block led by former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was replaced with a center-right one. 

For now, New Zealand will exclude all agriculture in the country from its emissions trading scheme, which still aims to punish people for living their lives in the name of keeping things "green."

As for Denmark's scheme, the government there has not yet indicated how it plans to measure the gas releases of each and every animal within its territory in order to impose the newly hatched tax.

It is probably apparent to most of our readers that all of this nonsense has nothing to do with the planet or the environment and everything to do with eliminating all freedom and sucking dry the world's proletariat with onerous taxes that will only further enrich the aristocracy, reduce the food supply and drive up inflation.

"It's all a scam to take more money from the people and remove our food sources and money so they can control the population," one commenter wrote about the insanity of Denmark's plan. "Fight back, Denmark!"

"In the 1870s, 55 million bison were wiped out on the U.S. Great Plains and there was no global cooling," wrote another. "This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that 'cow emissions' are not a climate factor. This is a hoax!"

"We know that CO2 has absolutely no effect on planetary temperatures," said someone else. "These wildly ignorant people still claiming such things is beyond absurd at this point."

"The sun and how it cycles is the driver of planetary temperatures – always has been. 'Climate the Movie: the Cold Truth' features the leading climatologists from Harvard, Princeton, Europe, Israel and Nobel Prize winners all debunking the CO2 myth. By the way, the science data absolutely shows that CO2 goes up after a warming cycle, not before – it is not the cause."

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