“It’s 9:59”: Amazon Supervisor Yells At Workers For Leaving 1 Minute Early, Video Goes Viral On The Internet (12 Pics)

 There is nothing strange about having a certain attitude towards your job. Some people love their job, they are very focused on their career and they see it as a big part of who they are. And of course, there are people who do not associate themselves with work that much. Either way, everyone deserves a workplace that can assure proper working conditions, a reasonable salary, and a pleasant atmosphere.

However, even in modern times, there are still some workplaces that try to impose these strict rules that make their employees feel as if they are being punished for some reason.

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This employee documents his experience working at Amazon and shares it with others on TikTok

Image credits: amazonassociatef1

TikTok user @amazonassociatef1 shared a video that was taken by one of the employees working at Amazon—an American company that focuses on e-commerce. In the video, it is seen that the person is packing an ordered item when suddenly a voice starts yelling that “it’s 9:59” and not 10 o’clock yet, so workers do not have the right to leave their working area if they don’t want to get “TOT”, which stands for “Time Off Task” and indicates that every minute taken of work will not be compensated but treated as a break. So, those who stopped working at 9:59 won’t get paid for that one minute.

The TikToker also shared a video of an Amazon supervisor yelling at employees for finishing their shift 1 minute early

Image credits: amazonassociatef1

Even though this TikTok account has numerous videos that show work at Amazon, this particular video gained a lot of attention. The video now has 4.5m views and 631k likes. Of course, the situation was also discussed by other TikTok users, who agreed that this all reminds them of school when kids could be only dismissed by a teacher. A lot of people agreed that these workers should start a union to stop this unacceptable behavior with employees.

This TikTok account has a lot of other videos that allow viewers to get a deeper understanding of what kind of working conditions are in this warehouse. The worker shows how and what kind of items they have to pack and how fast they have to do it. One of the comments left on the famous video stated that the warehouse is really big, so even going to the break room takes time from employees’ time off. These videos prove that the workplace is actually big and this seems tricky.

What is interesting to notice is that there are also comments that state that there is nothing wrong with this kind of behavior because employees are simply asked to do their job.

What do you think about this situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Image credits: amazonassociatef1

You can see the full video down below

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The video sparked a debate online and here are some of the comments addressing the situation

A workplace that brings back school memories

“It’s 9:59”: Amazon Supervisor Yells At Workers For Leaving 1 Minute Early, Video Goes Viral On The Internet (12 Pics) “It’s 9:59”: Amazon Supervisor Yells At Workers For Leaving 1 Minute Early, Video Goes Viral On The Internet (12 Pics) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on July 07, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. so?
    our managers have made same comments at chilis the past 25 years ive worked there. you clocked in on time. and breaks were on time. if you had timetostand around the punchclock waitint ...you had time to still be cleaning

    1. its work ethic that has slid.

  2. Marriott would go out of business if this kind of bs over a stinking minute was allowed....


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