Pete Buttigieg says Elizabeth Warren was ‘extremely evasive’ when asked about a middle-class tax hike

 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren was a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” earlier this week, where Colbert gave her advice on how to pitch Medicare for All (and the resulting tax increases) to the masses. “Do you want to live in a world where your fellow citizens are dying,” he suggested, adding, “even if it costs a little bit of money?”
The exchange went a little something like this:
Kimberly Strassel was amazed that Warren was actually being pushed on the question of middle-class tax hikes after slipping past the question for so long, but 2020 Pete Buttigieg told Jake Tapper Thursday that he considered Warren’s answers “extremely evasive.”
.@PeteButtigieg says of @ewarren and @StephenAtHome asking her if taxes will go up on the middle class to pay for Medicare for All: “Senator Warren is known for being straightforward and was extremely evasive when asked that question and we’ve seen that repeatedly.”

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.@PeteButtigieg just criticized @ewarren as “evasive” on whether Medicare For All requires a middle class tax hike, framing her as a typical “Washington politician” who doesn’t give straight answers.

On @jaketapper’s show 👇

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Everybody’s taxes will go up. Socialists policies cost everybody, but ultimately cost the poor the most in the end.

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As the queen admires her crowds and her selfies others begin to challenge the vapor ware plans.

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Mayor Pete goes after Warren harder than he goes after Trump. He still thinks he can get the MAGA crowd to vote for him instead of Trump.

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I like Warren, (may vote for her in primaries, not sure yet), but she *is* blatantly evading that question.
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I’m Team Warren but he’s not wrong. She knows that her answer, while ultimately good (but nuanced), can be turned into a bad soundbite very easily.
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LOL. He's mad she refuses to give Republicans and the media the soundbite they're looking for regarding taxes and M4A. Sad!
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Here’s The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel with some analysis.
If I’m Warren I’m trying to paint it as “you’ll pay the same or less in taxes that you’re already paying for your insurance now”.
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This IS her answer, but it's a rhetorical difference with Sanders. He leans in and says of course you'll pay higher taxes but premiums will be gone -- a net gain for almost everybody. She does not let anything about "raising taxes" escape her lips. 
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The problem is that if she keeps skirting around it, she will look evasive (she already came across that way a bit). The Sanders approach of just owning up to middle-class tax increases but explaining why other costs (premiums, OOP, etc.) are already a "tax" seems more genuine.
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Also …

Is Mayor Pete going to “Tulsi” Warren for a bump in the polls?
Pete Buttigieg says Elizabeth Warren was ‘extremely evasive’ when asked about a middle-class tax hike Pete Buttigieg says Elizabeth Warren was ‘extremely evasive’ when asked about a middle-class tax hike Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on September 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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