Biden Claims He Can Be President For 4 More Years: ‘I’m The Guy That Shut Putin Down’

 President Joe Biden claimed during an interview on Friday that he is capable of serving as President of the United States for another four years even though 80% of Americans believe that he is too old to be president.

Biden made the remarks when asked by ABC News host George Stephanopoulos whether he thinks that he can serve “effectively” for another term.

“I’m the guy that put NATO together, the future,” Biden claimed. “No one thought I could expand it. I’m the guy that shut Putin down. No one thought could happen. I’m the guy that put together a South Pacific initiative with AUKUS. I’m the guy that got 50 nations out– not only in Europe, outside of Europe as well to help Ukraine.”

It’s not clear what he was referring to when he made the remarks about Putin as Russia ignored Biden and invaded Ukraine despite his threats. Putin remains in control of Russia and he has shown no signs of ending his war.

“I’m the guy that got [the] Japanese to expand their budget. I’m the– so, I mean, these– and, for example, when I decided we used to have 40% of computer chips,” he said. “We invented the chip, the little chip, the computer chip. It’s in everything from cell phone to weapons. And so, we used to have 40%, and we’re down to virtually nothing. So I get in the plane, against the advice of everybody, and I fly to South Korea. I convince them to invest in the United States billions of dollars. Now we have tens of billions of dollars being invested in the United States making us back in a position we’re gonna own that industry again.”

When asked if he had the mental and physical capacity to be president for another four years, Biden said: “I believe so, I wouldn’t be runnin’ if I didn’t think I did. Look, I’m runnin’ again because I think I understand best what has to be done to take this nation to a completely new new level.”

“We’re on our way. We’re on our way. And, look, the decision recently made by the Supreme Court on immunity, you know, the next President of the United States, it’s not just about whether he or she knows what they’re doin’,” he claimed. “It’s– it’s– it’s not– not about a con– a conglomerate of people making decisions. It’s about the character of the president. The character of the president’s gonna determine whether or not this Constitution is employed the right way.”


When asked if he was being honest with himself about his status, Biden replied: “Yes, I am, because, George, the last thing I want to do is not be able to meet that. I think, as some of senior economist and senior foreign policy specialists say, if I stop now, I’d go down in history as a pretty successful president. No one thought I could get done what we got done.”

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