Biden Struggles To Make It Through His Closing Statement While Trump Dominates

 President Joe Biden struggled throughout Thursday night’s first presidential debate of the 2024 election season but perhaps saved his worst for last as he read his closing statement.

CNN conducted a coin toss that determined that Biden would deliver his closing statement first and that former President Donald Trump would have the last word.

“We’ve made significant progress from the debacle that was left by President Trump in his – in his last term,” Biden began, speaking in a hoarse, raspy voice and looking exhausted.

After claiming that he did not raise taxes for people making under $400,000 a year, he said Trump was responsible for rising inflation — a crisis that did not erupt until after Biden signed his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law.

“But this guy is – has increased your taxes because of the deficit,” Biden stammered. “Number one, he’s increased inflation because of the debacle he left after – when he handled the pandemic.”


While Biden repeatedly slurred his way through his closing remarks and made vague references to alleged achievements that he claims he secured for the American people, Trump hit Biden hard in his closing remarks.

“Like so many politicians, this man is just a complainer. He said we want to do this. We want to do that. We want to get rid of this tax, that tax, but he doesn’t do anything. He doesn’t do,” Trump said. All he does is make our country unsafe by allowing millions and millions of people to pour in. Our military doesn’t respect him. We look like fools in Afghanistan. We didn’t stop [what happened in] Israel, it was such a horrible thing that would have never happened. It should have never happened.”

“He talks about all this stuff, but he didn’t do it. For three-and-a-half years, we’re living in hell. We have the Palestinians and we have everybody else rioting all over the place,” Trump continued. “You talk about Charlottesville. This is 100 times Charlottesville, 1,000 times. The whole country is exploding because of you, because they don’t respect you. And they have to respect their president and they don’t respect you throughout the world.”

Trump then highlighted the accomplishments of his administration, including tax cuts, regulation cuts, and the revamping of the U.S. military.


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