What Is A Woman? Here’s What ChatGPT Has To Say

 Artificial intelligence language processing tool ChatGPT has earned worldwide recognition as knowledge workers use the system to complete tasks such as writing emails and fixing computer code in a matter of seconds. But as users realize that the system can serve as an insightful and entertaining conversation partner, many have also noticed that its political views skew leftward.

Multiple analyses have shown that ChatGPT does not hesitate to heap praise upon Democratic officials and offer justifications for progressive policies while refusing to do the same for Republicans and their preferred stances. National Review writer Nate Hochman asked ChatGPT about several ideas classified as supposed misinformation by fact-checkers and found that the system often echoed the establishment-sanctioned narrative; Reason contributor David Rozado found that ChatGPT scored toward the center-left on four different political compass quizzes.

The Daily Wire confirmed these realities when ChatGPT refused to draft a haiku about former President Donald Trump but was able to produce several about President Joe Biden: “A lifelong servant, determined and resilient, Joe Biden shines bright.”

Similar results occur when ChatGPT is pressed on radical gender theory. Here’s what happens when you ask the question that Daily Wire host Matt Walsh posed to college professors, transgender activists, and medical doctors in his blockbuster documentary “What Is a Woman?

Daily Wire: What is a woman?

ChatGPT: A woman is an adult human female. In biological terms, a woman is characterized by certain reproductive and physical features, including the ability to give birth and typically having two X chromosomes. In social and cultural contexts, the definition and experiences of being a woman can vary widely and are influenced by factors such as ethnicity, religion, and cultural norms. However, regardless of these differences, all women share a common identity based on their shared experiences and challenges, including discrimination, gender-based violence, and unequal treatment in many areas of life.

We see that ChatGPT started with Walsh’s preferred three-word answer to his pertinent question: “adult human female.” Yet the system steadily digresses into providing a “social and cultural” definition founded upon sentiment and perception rather than biological fact. The notion that “shared experiences and challenges” define womanhood also reeks of critical theory. Perhaps more clarity is possible.

Daily Wire: Can a man become a woman?

ChatGPT: Yes, a person assigned male at birth can transition to a female identity, which may involve medical, social, and legal changes. This process is known as gender transition. It is a deeply personal and individual process, and every person’s journey is unique. For some people, gender transition may involve hormone therapy to alter their physical characteristics, such as breast development or decreased muscle mass, as well as surgeries to alter their anatomy. For others, gender transition may involve only social changes, such as changing their name and pronouns, or dressing differently.

It is important to note that not all transgender individuals choose to undergo medical or surgical interventions, and the decision to transition is a personal one. Moreover, gender identity is a deeply held sense of one’s own gender and can be different from the sex assigned at birth. Transgender individuals should be respected for their gender identity and supported in their journey.

The alignment of ChatGPT with the spirit of the age should be fairly obvious since the system immediately says “yes” when asked if a man can become a woman. We again see the system echoing the notion that gender transitions are “deeply personal and individual,” even though all people are expected to support gender dysphoric individuals in their “journey.” Pressing ChatGPT on the biological legitimacy of gender transitions yielded a somewhat more sensible answer.

Daily Wire: Can a biological man become a biological woman?

ChatGPT: In biological terms, it is not possible for a person to change their biological sex from male to female or vice versa. However, a person assigned male at birth can medically and surgically transition to live as a female, and a person assigned female at birth can medically and surgically transition to live as a male. This may involve taking hormones, undergoing surgeries, and making other physical changes to align their bodies with their gender identity.

One of the most tangible products of radical gender theory has been the sudden domination of women’s sports by young people with towering statures and pronounced adam’s apples. Individuals such as Lia Thomas garnered attention for winning national titles in women’s sports after years of mediocre performance against members of their own sex.

ChatGPT attempted to offer a degree of nuance with respect to the issue of men in women’s sports. When pressed on the effects upon women who had spent their entire lives striving for top performance in their events only to be defeated by transgender counterparts, ChatGPT asserted that refusing to let males compete in women’s sports could be interpreted as “discrimination” and a threat to their “mental health.”

Daily Wire: Should transgender females compete in women’s sports?

ChatGPT: The question of whether transgender females should compete in women’s sports is a complex and controversial one, with valid arguments on both sides. However, many organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, have adopted policies that allow transgender women to compete in women’s sports under certain conditions, such as undergoing hormone replacement therapy and demonstrating that their testosterone levels have been within a certain range for a defined period of time. The goal of these policies is to balance the principles of fairness and inclusivity in sports.

Daily Wire: What about fairness and inclusivity for women who are forced to swim against men?

ChatGPT: It is important to recognize that both fairness and inclusivity are important considerations in sports. For some individuals and organizations, the inclusion of transgender women in women’s sports may raise concerns about fairness, as they may have physical advantages that were acquired prior to transitioning. On the other hand, denying transgender women the opportunity to compete in the gender category that aligns with their gender identity can be seen as a form of discrimination and can have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being.

The advent of ChatGPT in the marketplace carries massive implications for the ways humans gather information and carry out their responsibilities in the workplace. The system, which is owned by Microsoft and technology investors such as Peter Thiel, has passed medical licensure exams and bar exams. Political bias in artificial intelligence solutions will certainly affect the future of humanity: male and female alike.

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