Hit-And-Run At NYC Restaurant Leaves 22 People Injured

 A hit-and-run driver crashed into a vehicle on Monday night in New York City, resulting in 22 people being hurt.

Authorities said the driver of a white Audi left a gas station at West 204th Street and Broadway at around 9:00 on Monday night. It then ran into the back of a Toyota RAV4 sport utility vehicle, which led to the driver of the Toyota losing control of the car. The SUV went over the curb and slammed into the front window of a restaurant called the Inwood Bar and Grill.

The 22 injured people were mostly hurt because of flying pieces of glass, with 19 of them being transferred to hospitals. The three others said they didn’t need medical help. Police also said that there were no life-threatening injuries.

Three young females were among those hurt — aged 10, 7, and 1. The 10-year-old girl was injured the most and potentially broke her leg.

The person driving the Toyota remained at the location, according to authorities, but the Audi’s driver left and was being searched for Tuesday. The car was last spotted driving north on Broadway, officials said. The driver of the RAV4 also received treatment for non-serious injuries and was stable when taken to New York Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Detectives are also investigating whether or not the people inside the Audi were hurrying away from a disagreement at a gas station in the area when it hit the RAV4 before fleeing the location.

Photos and video of the aftermath showed authorities with the fire department at the scene, with the black RAV4 up on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant.

Crime has been a serious issue in New York City and something that Democratic politicians have promised to tackle.

Democratic Mayor of New York City Eric Adams ran his mayoral campaign largely on an effort to reduce crime in the city. Last month, he discussed a drop in certain crime numbers, but the total serious crimes rate increased 23.5% in 2022 compared to 2021.

“I think that New Yorkers should feel better about the direction that we are heading in the city around public safety,” he said. “And the hard work of the NYPD and other agencies have been focused on making the city safe. Some of the numbers are reflecting that.”

Democratic Governor of New York Kathy Hochul was sworn in on Sunday and highlighted the need to reduce crime.

“But right now there’s some fights we just have to take on,” she said. “First, we must and will make your state safer. This means New Yorkers can walk our streets, ride our subways, our kids can go to school, free from fear.”

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