Former Google Employee Goes Viral With ‘Day In The Life’ Video Series Ending In Layoff News

 A former Google employee who posted TikTok videos of her experience working in the company’s amenities-packed offices went viral when she announced she was affected by the company’s recent layoffs. 

Nicole Tsai worked in partner services for Google’s cloud unit since 2021 and posted a vlog of her experiences, per Fortune. Her videos depicted some of the perks available at the company’s California outpost, including free food, over-the-top themed meeting rooms, massage chairs, and much more.

In a video Tsai posted on December 30, she showed off the gigantic office space which she said was an aircraft hangar that once belonged to Howard Hughes. The former Google employee also took followers on a tour of multiple art installations in the building before grabbing coffee at the on-site coffee bar, which she later reiterated is provided free of charge.

Tsai also showed off a sparkly “confetti room,” where she went for a meeting amid decor that she described as “so sparkly and beautiful.” At other parts of her day, the TikTok user grabs free lunch and goes to “listen to ghosts” at another installation documenting the paranormal activity in the building.

During a January 11 post, Tsai took followers into a meeting room that’s in a so-called “zero-gravity” room decorated with office supplies including a computer and liquid coffee that all look like they’re floating.

On January 20, the former Google employee shared some things in the office that “just make sense,” including a gigantic sliding board, sushi chefs preparing lunch, a tiki bar, scooters to get to meeting rooms, stationary bikes that charge your phone, bikes for traversing the campus, and more.

But then two days ago, Tsai documented the experience of finding out she was laid off from Google. She recounted getting an “ominous” text from her boss in the morning. She said her manager told her to check the news and her email, referring to the company’s recent layoff of 12,000 employees. Her video reaction to the news currently has 4.3 million views.

Tsai checked her work accounts and discovered she had lost her job when she couldn’t access her email or any other platforms. The former employee talked about how she “sobbed” upon hearing the news, then started communicating with other employees to find out who else was let go.

The former employee described the experience as “a really bad game of Russian roulette” because no one knew who was still employed and who was let go. Tsai said she was “blindsided” but felt less alone upon learning how many other people also lost their jobs.

“I spent so much of the day crying that I just felt so tired from being sad and honestly just wanted to do something that would make me feel better,” she said in the video, explaining how she used her annual pass to spend the rest of her day at Disneyland, where she had multiple churros.

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