CNN Writes The Puff Piece Of All Puff Pieces About Biden’s Work Ethic, Handling Of Classified Docs

 It wasn’t President Joe Biden’s fault that he left classified documents sprawled throughout the Acela corridor after leaving the vice presidency, CNN wants you to know. He was too busy working hard up until the last minute of the Obama presidency and was a victim of his own making, the legacy media outlet implied Friday in a puff piece of all puff pieces.

In an article that took four “journalists” to write, CNN starts off by explaining that “The early days of 2017 were a whirlwind for Vice President Joe Biden: swearing in a new Congress, a surprise Medal of Freedom, a speech at Davos and one final trip to Ukraine.”

In turn, his staff was torn between closing down the office and keeping things running for their eager beaver boss.

“Those competing objectives – to use his office until the final minutes even as it was obliged to shut down – made for a muddled and hurried process that left aides packing boxes of documents and papers late into the night, even as more material kept arriving,” CNN observed.

The aides tasked with sorting out Biden’s personal and professional effects must have made a simple mistake in the last weeks. They put the docs in the wrong box. That’s likely true, but it doesn’t really forgive the fact that Biden took the documents in the first place. Unlike a president, the veep doesn’t have the same broad declassification powers, so nobody can argue the files were actually declassified.

Throughout the article, CNN does its best to present Biden in as positive a light as possible.

“Former aides and others familiar with the process of Biden’s transition out of government service describe a serious effort to follow the law made difficult by an unusually active final stretch,” the piece says, implying that it is perfectly understandable some papers got lost in the shuffle.

The piece is replete with excuses and gratuitous detail about Biden’s public service on behalf of the American people in the waning days of Obama’s second term.

“In just the final five days of his vice presidency, Biden met in Kyiv with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and in Switzerland with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He spoke by phone with the prime minister of Iraq two days before leaving office,” the article claims. “And earlier in the week he held calls with the president of Kosovo and the prime minister of Japan. As his team worked in Washington to ensure all the classified material in his offices were properly packed and submitted to the government, more classified documents continued to arrive.”

Of course, the nearly two thousand-word article could have been reduced to two or three sentences at most.

It also glosses over that the Biden team had six months after leaving office to go through the documents with the help of the General Services Administration.

In that case, the question isn’t really how did this error happen in the final weeks, it’s why didn’t the Biden team find the papers in the following six months after leaving the vice presidency?

The anonymous aides never explain what happened from January 2017 – July 2017.

Instead, the supposedly non-partisan CNN gifted Biden a column that throws “lower-level” staff under the bus while portraying the current president as a regular, “world’s best boss” Michael Scott from “The Office.”

In a memorable scene, Scott told his boss David Wallace that his greatest weaknesses are, “I work too hard, I care too much, and sometimes I can be too invested in my job.”

Confused, Scott had to explain to his boss that his “weaknesses are actually strengths.”

And that’s what CNN wants you to believe about Biden. His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness — he worked too hard as veep — which explains why he walked out of the White House in 2017 with classified docs.

CNN Writes The Puff Piece Of All Puff Pieces About Biden’s Work Ethic, Handling Of Classified Docs CNN Writes The Puff Piece Of All Puff Pieces About Biden’s Work Ethic, Handling Of Classified Docs Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on January 14, 2023 Rating: 5

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  1. Contrast this with fake Warp speed Epstein compromised P0S Trump's freeing if three Israeli scumbsg spies including P0S Pollard


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