VP of MLB Team Resigns Over Forced Vaccinations

 Schools, local, state, and federal governments, as well as small businesses and corporations, have recklessly forced students and employees to accept an FDA emergency-authorized COVID shot if they want to receive an education or paycheck.

But when professional sports teams began forcing those in the front office to concede, that’s when Washington Nationals Vice President Bob Boone decided he had enough and announced his resignation.

Washington Nationals Vice President Bob Boone

The Hill reports – Boone informed the team that he will resign instead of complying with the mandate, which applies to all non-uniformed employees, sources told ESPN and The Washington Post.

Boone, who was a star catcher for decades before becoming a manager and executive, served with the Nationals since 2005 and is currently vice president and senior adviser to general manager Mike Rizzo. He is the father of former professional baseball players Bret Boone and Aaron Boone, who now manages the New York Yankees.

The Nationals’ vaccine mandate went into effect on Aug. 12, according to ESPN. It was one of the first teams to require staff to be vaccinated.

Non-playing full-time employees, such as coaches, executives, and staff, had until Aug. 26 to provide proof of their first vaccination or apply for an exemption.

Good for Bob Boone.

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