Patriots Face-Off With School Board, Police, Health Department, Over Illegal Vaccine Coercion

 Conservative groups across northern Florida are banding together to curtail and expose the dangerous local government’s attempt to eradicate their constitutional rights with tyrannical COVID mandates.

On Sunday, Jessica Bowman, a director of the Florida Liberty Caucus, received an ominous phone call from an individual claiming to be a health department official.

The caller warned Bowman that her son would not be allowed to return to school after summer break after he was exposed to covid and must quarantine.

Knowing her son spent the entire summer home with family, Bowman questioned whether the call was a prank.

The next morning, as Bowman attempted to drop her son off at school on Monday, she was stopped by a resource officer when she walked onto the school premises. The officer warned her son would not be allowed into the school without a vaccine passport.

Following the resource officer’s confrontation with Bowman, the Florida Liberty Caucus notified organizers of the North Florida Patriots, a grassroots network of conservatives, of the school’s vaccine mandate – all of which are illegal under Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order suspending all local COVID restrictions in the state.

On Monday night, dozens of outraged parents showed up with Bowman at the Flagler County school board meeting to push back against the county’s attempt to strong-arm covid compliance.

“The health department and the school board are targeting local conservative groups of the county –they are trying to punish the local Republican leaders by punishing their children and keeping them out of school. They are using bureaucratic tyranny to punish Republican leaders’ children,” Jaime Parham, a biomedical engineer for brain and spine surgery who leads North Florida Patriots, told . “We went to the school board to protest and told them that we are not going to do this.”

As parent after parent excoriated the school board for refusing to adhere to DeSantis’ executive order banning covid mandates, the activist board members, who advocated for defunding the police just a year ago, instructed police to eject the parents from the meeting.

“Parents would clap after speakers would speak. The school board then warned, ‘No clapping.’ A father explained to them that what they were doing was unacceptable and he was escorted out by the police,” Parham said. “After people clapped for him, a health department official walked up to the attorney of the school board and instructed him to kick everybody out of the meeting, which is illegal and because it’s a public meeting under Sunshine law.

“The parents refused to leave. They said, ‘We are not leaving. This is our First Amendment right.’ The board members promptly called dozens of police officers to escort the parents out of the meeting.”

Florida’s Sunshine Law provides constitutional right of access, allowing any records made or received by meetings of boards commissions and governing bodies of state and local government agencies to be made available for inspection.

But, the law is being used against the law-abiding as police enforce unconstitutional government mandates, Parham contends.

“The police are lined up against the patriots now,” he admonished. “We are not BLM. We are not the guys that have been burning down buildings. We are the ‘Back the Blue’ guys. The police are lined up against us, as they let Antifa and BLM go. It’s disgusting. We are the patriots, we are law-abiding, we are not the ones that are saying defund the police and burning down buildings.  Yet, we are the ones getting punished by the police.

“After our group was kicked out of the meeting, the cops lined up against us. The cops said they were going to force us to leave the premises or arrest us, but there were too many of us. Our guys promptly started reading the constitution and Sunshine Law. The sheriff contacted the commander who agreed we were within our legal rights and concluded the school board was acting illegally. So, the cops moved out of the way. When we show up in numbers, they can’t do anything.”

As corrupt leaders impose vaccine mandates on children, in reality, most of us by now realize the injection that has resulted in an underreported number of deaths is useless in treating the coronavirus, Parham, who has worked in hospitals throughout the pandemic, contends.

“There is no such thing as a legitimate vaccine for an RNA-incomplete virus. Every single transmission between patient to patient is a mutation. Guess who is not mandating the vaccine for their employees? Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna – they are not mandating the vaccine for themselves,” he said. “The ballot is no longer an option. The only thing left is to physically form militias and be ready to fight.”

“When someone says, ‘hey I’m not taking that vaccine, and they send the government to come and get you and force you, we need to have a reactionary force that shows I’m armed to the teeth. Hopefully, people will band together at that point.”

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