Fauci: Covid Booster Shots Coming Soon (VIDEO)


It’s Sunday so Fauci is out on the fake news circuit spreading fear about the ‘Delta’ variant.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked Fauci if the Covid vaccines protect against the ‘Delta’ variant.

Fauci said ‘it’s complicated’ – of course it is.

Fauci said the vaccines are keeping people out of the hospital ‘for the most part’ – but Covid booster shots are coming soon.

“We don’t need boosters right now for otherwise healthy people who have been vaccinated but it’s entirely conceivable, if not likely, that we’re gonna at some time — what we do is you follow it in real time and when you get below a certain threshold, that triggers a recommendation for a booster,” Fauci said.

“We need to look at them in a different light. We would certainly be boosting those people before we boost the general population that’s been vaccinated, and we should be doing that reasonably soon,” he added.


Shut up, line up and take your shot.

Moderna announced last week that due to the new strains of the coronavirus they are recommending a third shot before winter.

And Fauci is helping Moderna push that message out to the masses.

What a surprise.

On Thursday Moderna also announced their COVID vaccine brought in more that $4 billion in second-quarter sales, helping to push the vaccine developer into a profit.

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