Doug Mastriano Responds To PA Senate President Corman’s Lies: “I Haven’t, And Will NOT Retreat.”


Pennsylvania Senate President Jake Corman has blocked a full forensic audit in Pennsylvania for months and he is now blaming State Senator Mastriano, who has led the charge for an audit in Pennsylvania.

After leading a delegation to tour the Arizona full forensic election audit, Mastriano told  that “This is the model”. He later held a private meeting with GOP Senators to discuss funding for an audit in Pennsylvania.

Last week, Jake Corman released a statement where he even lied about this, saying that State Senator Cris Dush led the investigation. In that statement, he also announced that Senator Mastriano had “retreated from conducting a forensic investigation”.

Senator Doug Mastriano gave his response today.

Senator Mastriano Responds to fase statements made by Senator Jake Corman

In his initial statement on, Friday, August 20, Senator Corman claimed that he was replacing me as lead for the audit because I was “retreating grandstanding and uninterested in getting things done.” Senator Corman is not being honest. The truth is we spent months briefing Senator Corman and other leadership on our plan. During those many months, Senator Corman either avoided me or repeatedly stonewalled us.

On July 6, I spoke with Senator Corman. during that conversation, I communicated my intent to issue letters to three counties requesting that they cooperate with a full forensic investigation of the 2020 General and 2021 primary elections. Senator Corman demanded that I NOT send those letters. After months of his obstruction, it was time to move forward. The next day, with consent of my committee, I sent the letters. I was done waiting — and done letting Corman put the people off to no end.

After the expiration of the July 31 compliance, I twice attempted to move forward with subpoenas, but Senator Corman put a stop to it. I scheduled two separate meetings for the purpose of issuing subpoenas to those three counties. The first meeting was scheduled for August 6, and after Senator Corman blocked that meeting from happening, I rescheduled the meeting for August 18. Senator Corman’s office stopped that meeting from taking place as well. This is obstruction by someone not wanting an audit.

If there was someone “retreating” from an investigation of the 2020 election, it was Senator Corman. While Senator Corman made a  22-year career as a politician, I served for 30 years as a soldier in the US Army. I served along the Iron Curtain, and I fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. I never retreated in the face of evil, and I was not going to retreat in the face of Corman’s repeated attempts to thwart a forensic investigation.

Two days after Senator Corman obstructed my August 18 attempt to issue subpoenas, I made the very difficult decision to tell Pennsylvanians the truth about why the forensic investigation was at a standstill. With heavy heart, I appeared on Bannon’s war room on Friday, August 20. Moments after my appearance, Senator Corman nervously called into the same program and announced that he was stripping me of the investigation he’d worked so long and hard to obstruct. Moments after Senator Corman’s appearance on that show, I was also informed that he’d stripped me of my committee, and he removed my entire capital staff, leaving me with no ability to serve my constituents in Harrisburg — a move many of my fellow senators feel was an outrageous and unprecedented move unbecoming of a Senate leader.

I don’t know why Senator Corman obstructed my investigation for so long or why he has now hijacked it. What I do know is that if it was up to Senator Corman, there would be no investigation for him to steal. What I also know is that no matter who leads it, the investigation must go forward. I know that the people of Pennsylvania will never settle for a symbolic investigation. They deserve nothing less than a full forensic investigation that gets to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election, and I’ll be a relentless voice to make sure that’s exactly what happens. I haven’t, and will not retreat.

The question is why Jake Corman went from ten months of obstructing a forensic investigation to suddenly hijacking it and maligning the hard work we put into making this happen. The people need answers.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on Jake Corman’s fumbles for months. President Trump even released a statement praising Mastriano and calling on Corman to take action.

Last week, Corman fired Senator Mastriano’s staff and stripped him of his committee, leaving it extremely difficult for him to get anything done, before hijacking the audit.

Doug Mastriano Responds To PA Senate President Corman’s Lies: “I Haven’t, And Will NOT Retreat.” Doug Mastriano Responds To PA Senate President Corman’s Lies: “I Haven’t, And Will NOT Retreat.” Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on August 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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