AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward – America’s Audit Update: Report COMING SOON


On Wednesday, AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward gave a great update on America’s Audit.

The Arizona Audit preliminary report will be delivered to the Arizona Senate next week and released to the public shortly after.

As we wait in agony, Chairwoman Ward reminds us that this process would be finished by now, if the County had just complied.

Ward: I know that all of you are chomping at the bit, waiting for the report on America’s audit to be made public. Well guess what, so am I. Earlier this week, Senate President Karen Fann said that the team conducting the full forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election is finalizing their report. The auditors are going to present that report to the Arizona State Senate, and the Arizona State Senate is going to review the report for accuracy and clarity. Now once that process is complete, the final report will be released to the public.

One of the things that people need to understand and remember is that this entire process is still being drug out by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and their attorneys. The Supervisors, they’ve known for a very long time, these same supervisors that there are problems with Maricopa County. Particularly with Adrian Fontes, who is a left wing, Democrat who happened to be the county recorder. Now, his cronies at the Maricopa County Elections department didn’t help either. And the 2018 election was a disaster. So these supervisors appointed different people to oversee Fontes in 2020. But even those people didn’t clean things up in fact, they, along with The Board of Supervisors empowered Dominion, a company that’s currently owned by Staple Street Capital, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and Denver, Colorado. And they’ve been empowered dominion to control every digital aspect of the Maricopa County election without a thought as to how they were going to do their jobs before certifying elections, so that they could audit the job that Dominion did. Now the supervisors claim they don’t have the passwords, they don’t have the tokens, they don’t have what they need to get those audits done. And so far, Dominion refuses to comply with a lawful Senate subpoena.

We are sinking towards lawlessness here folks. Who is going to be the next to defy the law? At first, Senate President said that she had the cooperation of the supervisors, they were friends they were going to cooperate, they were all going to do it together. They were going to choose a great audit team. Then came lawsuits from the Democrats, several liberal groups, pressure from the liberal media, and the supervisors had to run into executive session and meet with their attorneys, and suddenly, their tune changed. Since then they’ve refused to cooperate and that really folks, is the major reason the audit results have been delayed. Now the goal of the audit, the entire endeavor is to restore people’s faith and confidence in our elections. Polls in Arizona and across the country consistently show that about half the country believes there were serious problems with the 2020 election, Democrats too!

The county supervisors, when they petulantly dig in their heels, and they tweet things out, It’s only led to more mistrust of the process. Standing on the side and criticizing the people who are checking your work is really not the way to inspire confidence. Senator Fann has vowed that if the audit results show signs of irregularity or criminality, she is going to refer all evidence to the State Attorney General’s Office, and as we’re nearing the completion of Maricopa’s audit, we have got to applaud the courage of President Fann, and the other Arizona State Senators who have stayed the course, despite intense negative pressure and lies from the Democrats and their media allies. We owe them all, a debt of gratitude for standing up for our Constitution, and I think we are likely to read about our Arizona political powerhouses in the history books as people who saved the Republic. I hope I’m right there with them. I hope you are too. Now that’s all we have today on America’s audit. Be sure to check out our series highlighting a recent interview with Senator Fann. There is so much great information there and it’s on our social pages @ArizonaGOP on Facebook, or at @AZGOP on the other sites, and remember, here at the Republican Party of Arizona, it is always America first. See you soon.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has opened an investigation into Maricopa County’s noncompliance with legal subpoenas and a response from the county is expected by Friday.


All other irregularities or possible criminality found in the coming report will be referred to Attorney General Brnovich.

These brave Arizona State Senators and Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward will go down in history as the fighters that saved our Country.

Now it all lies on Attorney General Brnovich to show the same courage and do the right thing.

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