Americas Audit Update: HUGE Week Expected In 3 States THIS WEEK (VIDEO)


Christina Bobb

This week will be a big week for America’s audits as deadlines in Arizona and Pennsylvania expire and Wisconsin is expected to finally make a move.

OANN’s Christina Bobb gave a phenomenal update on these three states.

Bobb highlighted the hearing set to take place in Arizona momentarily.

Christina Bobb: Arizona has a hearing today at one o’clock, local time, so it’ll be 4 pm Eastern on the subpoena. If we remember the Senate went ahead and issued another subpoena both to Maricopa County, and to Dominion thing they had until today to produce the administrative passwords, the Splunk logs and the routers, in order for the auditor’s to complete that forensic portion of the audit, and that hearing goes on today, both the county and dominion have rebuffed the subpoena saying, they probably aren’t going to attend so I don’t actually expect the hearing to go forward.

It’s really an interesting position to be in, especially for Dominion which is a private company contracted by the county for the election they were paid to help run the election by the county, which of course that authority falls under the Arizona state legislature. So we have a private company basically stiff arming the legislature saying “we’re not going to allow you to check our work, even though it is your constitutional authority that we used to have the election in the first place.”

So it’s a pretty startling position for them to take they have said that they refuse to comply because of intellectual property rights, which, there certainly could be things turned over under steel and there’s ways to protect intellectual property rights and of course, intellectual property rights, certainly succumb to the United States Constitution which our voter integrity and election laws are within the constitution so I don’t see a good ground for them to not show up to this hearing at one o’clock local time today, But we’ll find out in a few hours.

Dominion claims that a full forensic audit would cause “irreparable damage to the commercial interests of the company”.


In Pennsylvania, State Senator Doug Mastriano is leading the charge to issue subpoenas to the three counties which declined his request for the information and equipment. He initially issued a request for these materials with a deadline of July 31st.

Christina expects the Pennsylvania Senate to announce a vote to subpoena the evidence this week. These subpoenas will be legal and enforceable but we may not see compliance from the counties, similar to Maricopa County.

This week we expect to see Pennsylvania move forward on a forensic investigation of the 2020 election.

Christina Bobb reported that in Wisconsin, they have been talking about performing an audit since February but we have not seen anything out of Wisconsin.

Because of the fearless patriot efforts in WI, Wisconsin Speaker of The House Robin Voss has finally picked up his feet furthering the investigation. And Chairman of the Election Committee Janel Brandtjen has helped to push this forward. In the next week or two, we can expect Wisconsin to finally get the ball rolling on an election audit.

This will be a huge week for election integrity. 

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