21 Y.O. Reveals How She Caught Her 73 Y.O. Stalker Neighbor, Shares Details Of The Story In Her Viral TikTok Video

 Wherever you decide to live, there is a huge chance that you’ll end up having a neighbor. And experience shows that there are all kinds of neighbors: those who say “hello” every morning and are genuinely friendly and the ones who make you want to move out as soon as possible. It seems that there is also a third “category” of neighbors. The ones that you might never actually see or meet. And this sure sounds great for those who don’t really want to get involved in any neighborhood drama. But what if one day you find out that your quiet neighbor is actually stalking you?

TikTok user @seejoyy decided to share her first New York apartment story and why she had to move out from there. The video that now has 1.2M views tells a story of how she found out that her neighbor was actually stalking her.

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This young woman living in NYC decided to share her experience of confronting her 73-year-old neighbor who was stalking her

Image credits: seejoyy

@seejoy, whose real name is Catherine, as she later reveals in her video, started her story by stating that she has to share her story just to make sure that she understands how real it is. She was living in an apartment, located in Brooklyn, for 3 years. In a later video, she showed the condition of the apartment and that she was going to move out from it anyway. And it seems that stalker neighbor made things move faster.

Catherine revealed that she has been living in her first NYC apartment for 3 years now

The woman got suspicious when her neighbor addressed her as Catherine

Catherine starts her story by telling that she had a few noise complaints from her old, 73-year-old neighbor who she’d never actually met. After this, she received a note from him, but she didn’t think much of it as she thought it was funny and this was the way how this old man decided to express his anger. The note stated: “Dear Catherine, word’s getting around that you’re a floozy who can’t keep it in their pants.” What she was aware of is that he addressed her by her actual name, not by the one she was called on a daily basis.

Image credits: seejoyy

The story reached its peak when she found him standing in her apartment while she was sleeping. Catherine woke up immediately and told the man to leave. After this, she called her parents and the police. When the police came, they at first had trouble with getting into his apartment. But according to the TikToker, they finally arrested him.

Image credits: seejoyy

The young woman was taken back to her parents’ home, where she found out that her creepy neighbor was actually sending her multiple notes, similar to the one she got after noise complaints. These messages sent directly to her previous house in Long Island made her speculate that he might have been coming to her apartment while she was gone or when she was sleeping and going through her personal belongings.

In her following video, she shared that now she is safe and ready to move out of her apartment. What do you think about this situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Once the woman came back home, she found out that there were multiple notes sent by the neighbor directly to her parents house

She now can only speculate whether this man used to go to her apartment when she was gone or asleep

You can check out the video below!


here’s a 3 minute story time about what happened to me today his name is gary and he’s 73 #nyc #nycstory

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People online were very concerned about the whole situation and were happy that the woman is now safe

21 Y.O. Reveals How She Caught Her 73 Y.O. Stalker Neighbor, Shares Details Of The Story In Her Viral TikTok Video 21 Y.O. Reveals How She Caught Her 73 Y.O. Stalker Neighbor, Shares Details Of The Story In Her Viral TikTok Video Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on August 13, 2021 Rating: 5

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