The Iron Pentagon: The Nexus of Control, Corruption, and Suppression – This Is How Mass Dissention Is Created


Guest post by Bob Bishop

In 1981, Gordon Adams published the ‘The Iron Triangle: The Politics of Defense Contracting.’

The article described the iron triangle as a policy-making relationship between congress, the federal bureaucracy, and interest groups working together to consolidate power and expand their political influence.

Forty years later, America’s political landscape has become more multifaceted due to the internet, globalization, and financialization. The iron triangle no longer addresses the network intricacies and the implications to society. 

The Iron Pentagon

Updating the iron triangle for the current political landscape expands it into a multi-dimensional pentagon. The Iron Pentagon nodes are the Federal Government, Non-Profits, Federal Reserve and Wall Street, Big Tech, and Mainstream Media. These colluding entities erode personal freedom, personal property, real property, and intellectual property rights that are the four pillars of modern Western society.  The Iron Pentagon entraps the populace stripping their agency and transferring their wealth.  

Federal Government

Executive Orders ride roughshod over Congresses Constitutional authority and our civil liberties. President Biden, the usurper, has signed 50 executive orders setting a record pace. For example, Biden binding America to the Paris Climate Accord skipping Congressional approval as a treaty. The Heritage Foundation estimated  “an aggregate GDP loss of over $2.5 trillion – all for a few tenths of a degree Celsius in abated warming.” America is sliding into an autocracy.

The DOJ, FBI, CIA, and IRS report to the Executive Branch are an unelected shadow government.  A modern Praetorian Guard who are covert and act in concert to protect the elite politicians and their partisan supporters. For example, through civil litigation records, the Stasi agencies were aware about Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca foreign bribery scandal as late as 2018. Money funneled to attorneys protected recipients’ identities using client-attorney privilege. The FBI also had Hunter’s laptop from Hell left unclaimed at a computer repair shop in 2019.

Consider how the government increases in size and power. Congress uses large and complex Omnibus bills for appropriations, regulations, and law to bypass hearings and debates.  The majority party uses lobbyists (influence peddlers) to assist in drafting, and the legislation is available for at least 72 hours before a vote.  Titles are ambiguous to obscure the content from the public, i.e., $2 trillion Cares Act (880 pages).

The National Security State consists of the CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, the Defense Department, and the corporate military-industrial complex that exercises substantial political and economic power.  The Security State conducts domestic mass surveillance while ignoring waves of unwelcomed immigrants swarming over the border.

Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has declared a culture war by a Soviet-style military purge using a fictitious claim of white supremacist extremists and requiring Marxist critical race theory indoctrination. The unchecked Security State will eventually be a more significant threat than foreign adversaries.


There are more than 1.75 million nonprofit organizations with assets estimated to exceed $4 trillion. This number includes public charities, private foundations, and other types of nonprofit organizations. The odds of a nonprofit not being audited by the IRS is 99.9%. The trivial audit rate is due to the lack of IRS compliance efforts to enforce the tax code, creating a haven for fraud and graft.

A growing number of nonprofits are political, special interest, and activists groups, charities in name only (CHINOs), promoting destructive ideologies. The poster child is George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, an annual operating budget of $1.2 billion that advocates wealth redistribution, climate change, social justice, illegal alien amnesty, and open borders.

America has the world’s largest number of Think Tanks totaling 2,203. Think Tanks are pernicious nonprofits that wield outsize clout. Even though we need policy professionals, Think Tanks have a deserved image problem due to policymakers and lobbyists who sell access and influence. Foreign governments and corporations fund think tanks to exercise influence over U.S. foreign policy.

Nonprofits failing to organize and operate under the IRS code are ideal apolitical targets for Biden’s IRS audit expansion that could generate substantial tax revenues through asset confiscation while reducing the charitable deductions.

Federal Reserve & Wall Street

The private Federal Reserve policy of the past 12 years of zero interest rates, money-printing, and monetary stimulus is theft and counterfeiting. Investment returns on low-risk savings and bonds are near zero while lowering the cost of speculation with limitless liquidly for Wall Street and corporations that hyper-inflated assets benefitting the top 1%. The bottom 90% of wage earners continue to lose ground due to inflation and rely on debt to maintain their lifestyle. Welcome to the era of central bank feudalism.

The Federal Reserve monetized over $8 trillion in government debt with no end in sight.  U.S. Federal debt is projected to reach $50 trillion by 2025. The government printing press creates a Soviet command-economy that picks winners (unions and partisans) and losers (middle class). Imagine Solyndra Solar’s malfeasance on steroids.

Big Tech

Big Tech totalitarian monopolies dominate society by defining hate speech, producing biased fact-checking, creating a cancel culture, and rigging search engines. They use prejudice algorithms that downgrade honest and worthy content while amplifying rage, i.e., George Floyd and BLM. They are mind plantations cultivating group think that produce enormous anti-social consequences.

Mainstream Media

The News networks are an oligopoly of six networks (News Corp, Comcast, Disney, Time Warner, CBS, Viacom) and three news wires (AP, Reuters, and Bloomberg). The MSM echoes consensus talking points selling narrative and fake news, i.e., Trump is xenophobic. They float op-ed trial balloons for policymakers to test public opinion.

Take, for example, the notorious sex trafficking case of Jeffrey Epstein of young girls sexually abused for decades. He accumulated a fortune of over $500 million without an occupation and hobnobbed politicians and celebrities. The MSM failed despite obvious evidence that suppressed the story to protect the wealthy and powerful elite.

It’s advocacy journalism rejecting objectivity.

 Involuntary Dissident

The government and its affiliates are lawless entities, making the truth treasonous.

Citizens have lost faith in American leadership and governance.

Questioning the elite sociopaths’ and kleptocrats’ philosophies, motives, and actions may make you an involuntary dissident. 

Bob Bishop is a retired corporate CPA

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