Watch: Fed-Up Dad Demands Schools Reopen in Fiery Speech to School Board

 The emergence of the coronavirus in the waning days of 2019 took the world by surprise. At that time, very little was known about it except that it was highly contagious and that a growing number of people were dying from it. The world had experienced pandemics before, including SARS in 2003 and the H1N1 virus in 2009, but COVID-19 seemed to be in a league of its own.

As the number of U.S. deaths began to escalate, President Donald Trump listened to his advisers and called for a temporary nationwide lockdown — “15 days to slow the spread” of the virus. Knowing the economic devastation it would cause, and how that would, in turn, hurt his chances for re-election, he took this action anyway.

When it was time for the lockdowns to be lifted, many Democratic governors, who had grown extremely fond of their new emergency powers, chose to extend them. 

Studies and experience have since shown that lockdowns are not an effective tool in fighting the virus.

In addition to crushing small businesses and putting millions of Americans out of work, the lockdowns kept many children out of school. 

A large number of school districts throughout the country remain closed because teachers refuse to put themselves at risk of contracting the coronavirus — even though studies show that risk would be minimal. The teachers unions are large and influential. They are also generous donors to the Democratic Party.

One father in Loudon County, Virginia, has reached his breaking point. In a fiery and impassioned speech to the school board during its meeting Tuesday, he demanded that schools reopen. I think this man speaks for many parents. 

The unidentified man began by telling the board members they should all be fired from their day jobs “because if your employers knew that you were more inefficient than the DMV, you would be replaced in a heartbeat.”

“I literally just finished a conference call because I’m having to multi-task to be here to address you guys,” he said.

“You’re a bunch of cowards, hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed. You think you’re some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you’re making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus.”

His volume, tone of voice and level of anger increased as he continued.

“The garbage workers who pick up my freakin’ trash risk their lives every day,” the father said. “More than anyone in this school system. 

“Figure it out. Or get off the podium. Because you know what? There are people like me and a lot of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out. It’s not a high bar. Raise the freakin’ bar.”

The man then left the podium. After a brief period of silence, a female voice was heard saying, “I’m gonna give staff an opportunity to make sure that the podium and microphone have been –“ 

She was interrupted by the father who had just spoken. “Please wipe it down ahead of time please,” he said. “Because we don’t want anything to infect us.”

The woman told him, “Sir, your time is finished. Can you please leave the room?”

“It’s OK, don’t worry about it. I’ll be back next time and the next time.” His voice rose. “Till you open the freakin’ school.”

“Can I ask the deputy to please make sure the gentleman leaves the boardroom?” the woman said.

He left the room.

The video went viral after it was shared on Twitter by Aliscia Andrews, a former Republican candidate for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District seat.

“As a parent, this pandemic has brought forth some incredible challenges,” Andrews said. “This dad has had enough, we all have. No real metrics to safely open the schools, while the SB continues to kick the can further down the road. Many parents feel just as he does.”

The woman’s condescending tone didn’t exactly inspire confidence that she will take this desperate man’s call for action to heart. To me, it sounds like the board is simply performing its “due diligence.” They can now say they’ve listened to county residents as they continue to keep the schools closed.

Her tone is devoid of even the tiniest amount of empathy and conveys the message that she considers this emotional father’s rage to be vile and contemptible.

The apathy in her voice is what one would expect from a member of the “enlightened” liberal elite.

According to WTOP-TV, after the video went viral, interim Superintendent Scott Ziegler issued a letter to the school community in which he said, “Following Tuesday’s School Board meeting there has been increased media attention paid to Loudoun County, specifically regarding the reopening of schools. This has led to some inflammatory rhetoric being shared on social media and in email and phone communications with staff.”

“We may disagree on the methods and timetable to return students to in-person learning, but I would like us to agree that we all have our students’ best interests at heart,” Ziegler said.

If that were true, those students would be back in the classroom right now.

If the teachers won’t go back to work, they should be fired and replaced with those who would happily take their places.

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