When Bernie hit, Bernie don’t miss (Picture)


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When Bernie hit, Bernie don’t miss (Picture) When Bernie hit, Bernie don’t miss (Picture) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on December 31, 2020 Rating: 5

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  1. Drake said that the NSA
    “approach is: Why not just collect it all? They have become addicted to surveillance—it is never ‘enough data’ for them. You can’t wean yourself off knowing everything. It’s the Stasi again. The NSA wants to know everything about everyone at all times. But why have privacy laws if you do not intend to follow them? ... So it’s OK because you do it in the service of the good cause!? If that’s OK then why should it be so secret?! That’s because the NSA does not want people to know how much data they collect about them.”

    Henry Makow: Does Nashville Bombing Signal a CIA vs NSA War?



    They say in Nashville was the RV explosion. Nope, not at all, look at the camera. Police are questioning people, many tweets from Antifa Members, plus the explosions was at the AT&T telecommunications for the Dominion voting machine. They are now scared.  #another4years #MAGA2020


    Not sure if this has been seen ..new angle for Nashville explosion.


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