Quarterback Jake Fromm Apologizes After ‘Elite White People’ Text Leaked

On Thursday, a snippet of a March 2019 text conversation between recently-drafted Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Jake Fromm and an unidentified individual was leaked on Twitter.
The conversation, which surrounds firearms, goes as follows (some formatting adjusted):
FROMM: Ha views changed on what?
REPLY: Guns silly billy. Follow the flow of the text. [Cry/Laugh emoji]
FROMM: I thought we were talking about lots of stuff. But no guns are good. They need to let me get suppressors. Just make them very expensive so only elite white people can get them haha.
REPLY: Bro what. Whoa, do you think you’re an elite white [person]. I’m like whoa haha. Hmmm maybe you need to see ur contact picture LMAO.
[Contact picture sent]
FROMM: [Cry/Laugh emoji] I’m not I’m just sayin.
REPLY: Hmmm, what does the word elite mean to you.
After the text exchange was leaked, some commenters questioned its authenticity, but others were swift to condemn Fromm or comment on the situation more broadly.
“Jake Fromm Confederate State Farm,” wrote user @Schwartzish.
@KalDexHar noted: “He was one of my favorites but thank you for calling him out.  Guess I gotta find someone else to cheer for.”
“The ole thought I was with fellow racists ‘joke.’ Expecting ‘this is not who I am’ statement,” wrote @travlittle.
Some others thanked the Twitter user “Ashley” for posting the exchange.
“Thank you for posting this. idk your relationship to him, but i’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to put yourself out there to expose somebody with as much influence as him. the world needs to see this, though, and you did the right thing,” wrote @sethcolby3.
One user wondered why she “sat on” the exchange, and “Ashley” replied: 
I did! I should’ve posted it then, and I’m sorry. I was afraid of the backlash. I didn’t have the courage. I’ve thought about posting it every now and then for the past year and I prayed on it!
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Shortly after the texts were leaked, Fromm issued an apology on his official Twitter account:
I am extremely sorry that I chose to use the words “elite white people” in a text message conversation. Although I never meant to imply that I am an “elite white person,” as stated later in the conversation, there’s no excuse for that word choice and sentiment. While it was poor, my heart is not. Now, more than ever, is the time for support and togetherness and I stand against racism 100%. I promise to commit myself to being a part of the solution in this country. I addressed my teammates and coaches in a team meeting today and I hope they see this incident is not representative of the person I am. Again, I’m truly sorry for my words and actions and humbly ask for forgiveness.
The tweet has 3,200 “likes” and has been retweeted 435 times as of publication, but the response to Fromm’s statement appears to be largely negative or mocking.
“This excuse was 5 yards short of the intended receiver,” wrote user @H629Z.
@AfroPoly wrote: “Turnitin similarity score: 95%. Sorry kid. This apology has been written before.”
One of the more pointed responses came from user @rod_smith22, who wrote:
What hurts most Jake is the fact that I was such a fan and supporter of you that I waited 167 picks JUST to watch you get selected. I typically only watch the first two rounds of the NFL draft. We defended you even when you struggled during the season and we loved you! It breaks my heart man! I will have to unfollow you. All this time you felt some type away about the amount of pigment in your skin versus mine and your teammates that look like me! Good luck. No longer a fan.
There were some users who offered support for Fromm.
@RichietheDawg wrote: “No one who knows your character believes you meant any disrespect to anyone. I agree, poor choice of words, but, hey, aren’t we all guilty of that at times. You’re a good man, Jake Fromm. I’ll be following you as you begin your professional career. Good luck and God bless.”
“He apologized and if he takes this as a pivoting point and grows from it, then it is way better than ‘canceling’ someone and letting them be unchanged. I hope he learns from this and listens to his team and gets better as a person. That’s what we all should want for everyone,” wrote @RealBryanWatson.
The Buffalo Bills have issued a statement as well, according to ESPN, which reads in part:
He was wrong and he admitted it to us. We don’t condone what he said. Jake was honest and forthcoming to us about the text exchange. He asked for an opportunity to address and apologize to his teammates and coaches today in a team meeting, which he did. We will continue to work with Jake on the responsibilities of being a Buffalo Bill on and off the field.”
The statement on rookie QB Jake Fromm and the text messages from 2019 made public earlier.
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This incident comes as protests and riots have roiled the nation following the killing of 46-year-old African American man George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

Additionally, controversy also visited Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Wednesday after an interview was released in which he stated that he would “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America” after being asked about NFL kneeling.
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