People Are Baiting Instacart Shoppers With Big Dollar Tips And Then Switching To Zero

People have been baiting Instacart shoppers with big dollar tips and then switching them down to zero at the last minute.
Given the high-demand for at-home grocery delivery during the pandemic, Instacart shoppers need to be prudent in who they select and promise of a big tip is a sure-fire way of enticing them. While some people have paid their pledged dollar amount, others are gaming the system by pledging as much $50 and then switching it out for zero in the final minutes.
“Before accepting a ‘batch’ — which can consist of one or a few orders from different customers — workers can see the items requested, the store location, the payment Instacart provides workers for the job, and the tip being offered,” reported CNN Business. “Instacart allows customers to change a tip for up to three days.”
Annaliisa Arambula, an Instacart shopper from Portland, Oregon, who herself got swindled out of a $55 tip, said its demoralizing to know that people do not appreciate the work they are doing.
“It’s very demoralizing. I don’t pretend to be a hero, like a nurse in a hospital … but I literally am exposing myself [to coronavirus] and when I return home, exposing my own family to the possibility of transmitting this disease,” said Arambula. “When you know that it’s somebody who’s just doing it to game the system and to get their order when they want it, it’s really frustrating.”
Arambula’s husband has diabetes and is currently out of work. They have been relying on her Instacart gig to help pay the bills.
Jenifer G., an Instacart shopper out of Pennsylvania, described how a customer pledged a $32.94 tip only to have it drop down to zero on delivery. She described the situation as a “crapshoot,” noting that they are happening in affluent communities.
“It’s a crapshoot,” said Jenifer G. “These are affluent communities that I’m delivering to. There’s almost no need to not tip, especially because not only is this a convenience for you but we’re in a pandemic right now.”
Instacart has faced intense scrutiny in recent works for failing to protect their workers. Jennifer G. believes that the app should have a 10% flat tip no matter what during this pandemic.
Despite those difficult stories, an Instacart spokesperson told CNN Business that the company has also seen an uptick in people adding more to the tip upon delivery. The spokesperson also said that Instacart removed the “None” tip option, forcing people to write $0. The app also provides a rating system and the option for people to leave feedback. In emails, Instacart has been encouraging customers to tip above and beyond what they normally would.
Bryant Greening, an attorney and co-founder of Chicago-based law firm LegalRideshare, said that customers may be liable for litigation.
“It’s truly evil to bait and switch in this type of environment,” said Greening. “Their livelihood and well-being are on the line. When these shoppers and drivers see a high tip, it’s an opportunity for them to put food on the table, so they’re more willing to take a risk on their health to achieve that goal.”
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