China Caught in the Act While Covering Up COVID, Deleted Chilling Wuhan News Article on New Cases

It has been almost a month since President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency on March 13.
Since that time, experts have been racing to gather accurate data and develop strategies to effectively fight the virus.
They’ve also been attempting to gather information about the virus’ origins and spread. One thing that has been made painfully clear is that the Chinese government has not been honest with the rest of the world about the number of cases and deaths within the country.
As the United States approached its projected peak level of COVID-19 cases, Chinese authorities have claimed the outbreak is under control and encouraged society to return to normal.
But is it reasonable for any other country to believe the claims from China? According to a Tuesday report from The Wall Street Journal, there is cause for concern as the lockdown in Wuhan is lifted and information continues to be censored.
“Chinese leaders and many medical experts have held up this city as an example of what can be achieved through extreme efforts to contain the coronavirus,” the paper reported.
“It’s now becoming clear the battle in Wuhan is far from over — and the human cost much higher than officially acknowledged.”
The city of Wuhan has announced only three confirmed cases of COVID-19 since March 18. After 77 days of lockdown, restrictions in the city are gradually being lifted and attempts are being made to revive the local economy.
But there is reason to be skeptical of the numbers coming out of Wuhan.
After the initial easing of the lockdown, dozens of asymptomatic cases were discovered, resulting in a renewal of restrictions on several housing complexes.
According to The Wall Street Journal, one Chinese outlet estimated Monday that there were between 10,000 and 20,000 asymptomatic cases in Wuhan. In a continuation of the censorship and suppression that have defined China’s response to the virus, the report was quickly deleted.
ground zero reopens after a 76-day lockdown. state media showcase a midnight light show marking the occasion Wed. Prevention measures still strictly in place for province of which Wuhan is capital with officials warning residents to stay alert.
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These numbers from Wuhan are eerily similar to reports from other Chinese provinces that suggest the virus is not as contained as the country’s communist government would like the rest of the world to believe. 
It should come as no surprise that Chinese authorities are desperate to control the narrative. As more information is revealed, it is clear that China is at fault for the worldwide spread of the coronavirus and must pay a price.
Countries around the world are coming to the realization that the crisis was exacerbated by the Chinese government’s deceptive cover-up and the World Health Organization’s efforts to appease the regime. The WHO’s ideological alignment with China made it a ready ally in the nation’s campaign of misinformation.
Trump has suggested that the the WHO should be held accountable for its willingness to accept false Chinese claims about coronavirus.
The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice on keeping our borders open to China early on. Why did they give us such a faulty recommendation?
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Whatever happens in regards to the WHO, it seems inevitable that the coronavirus ordeal will result in policy changes going forward. In order to make the most effective policy changes, it is crucial to analyze the entire scope of the pandemic using accurate data.
Unfortunately, accurate data from the origin of the outbreak may never be attainable.
“Some researchers using statistical models estimate the number of people who caught the virus in Wuhan may be more than double the official tally,” The Wall Street Journal reported.
The report also made a significant point about the power structure within China.
Most of the criticism from the U.S. has been aimed at the top-level communist leadership of the country, but local authorities may be responsible for some of the misinformation.
“[R]egional officials shy from reporting bad news up the chain to Beijing,” the outlet reported.
This tendency among local leaders suggests a fear of backlash from those in charge. It is yet another example of how the communist system promotes fear and stifles truth. It’s no wonder that information from China is highly inaccurate.

As the United States copes with the coronavirus and makes decisions moving forward, it is crucial for our government to hold China accountable. The communist regime is responsible not only for allowing the virus to spread unchecked, but also for its ongoing lies to the world.
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