WATCH: Dem’s Wife Posts Video Complaining That Taxpayers Aren’t Footing Bill For Her Marriage Counseling

Last week, the wife of Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) posted an Instagram video to "rant" about her healthcare costs, especially whining about her marriage counseling bill not covered under her Obamacare "gold" plan. The wife and mother announced that she was going to "[reach] out to my congressman," who happens to be her husband.
"I'm gonna have a little bit of a rant here on social media because I think this is important," Amanda Cunningham started the video, as reported by The Washington Free Beacon. "I've been going over my not-a-bill bill here from Blue Cross Blue Shield, and realizing that, once again, all of my mental health therapy sessions are denied, in addition to all of our marriage counseling sessions."
"It's just mind-blowing to me that these basic well-known needs, that mental health is healthcare, are still being denied, that we're still fighting for these absolutely basic things, it's unbelievable to me," she continued. "So I'm reaching out to my congressman — yes, also my husband — but saying, like, hey, what can we do about this? Let's go to the House floor, let's write a bill, Iet's — I don't know what you do, but let's do it because this is ridiculous."
"This affects us, our family, it affects everyone else who's seeking mental health and needs support doing so. I'm just flabbergasted," Cunningham ended the video post.
Rep. Cunningham is given access to the Obamacare "gold" plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield as a member of Congress and is "responsible for paying about a quarter of the premiums," the Beacon noted.
For the affluent family to have their marriage counseling sessions covered in their plan, far less affluent Americans would see their premiums rise.
"She didn't say it outright, but in her 'rant,' Cunningham wanted to raise premiums on other Americans — most of whom earn far less than her family — so she would receive 'free' therapy," explained author and Juniper Research Group CEO Christopher Jacobs at The Federalist. "Viewed from this perspective, her objections seem somewhat self-serving from a family in the upper tier of the income spectrum."
Jacobs noted that Obamacare, which was mandated by way of penalty on the American people by Democrats, already spiked healthcare costs, hurting Americans far less wealthy that the Cunningham family:
In CBO's view, the law required people to buy richer insurance policies, and those richer policies encouraged people to consume more health care, both of which led to a rise in premiums. Unfortunately, that rise in premiums over the past several years has led millions of individuals who do not qualify for insurance subsidies (unlike Amanda Cunningham) to drop their coverage.
The video of Mrs. Cunningham's self-described "rant" landed as out-of-touch for many on social media.
"Why do I need to pay for her marriage counseling LOL," asked Congressional candidate Joe Saladino.
"Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for male liberals because their side has created a Frankenstein in the name of feminism and their women come across as narcissistic. But then I realize that if you create Frankenstein then you have to live with it," responded pro-life crusader Obianuju Ekeocha.
"'I don't know what you do… ,'" popular conservative writer and Twitter account "AG Conservative" pointedly mocked, adding laughing emojis.
WATCH: Dem’s Wife Posts Video Complaining That Taxpayers Aren’t Footing Bill For Her Marriage Counseling WATCH: Dem’s Wife Posts Video Complaining That Taxpayers Aren’t Footing Bill For Her Marriage Counseling Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on September 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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