‘They LOST the battle’: Peggy Noonan triggers #MeToo with piece on why they’re REALLY targeting Kavanaugh

Peggy Noonan NAILED the entire #MeToo movement and the Resistance crowd in general with her piece about why they will never stop targeting Kavanaugh.
From The Wall Street Journal:
Because the crazier parts of the progressive left increasingly see politics as public theater, with heroes and villains, cheers and hisses from the audience, and costumes, such as outfits from “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Because modern politics is, for the lonely and strange on all sides, entertainment and diversion. And one’s people must be entertained.
Because many progressives believe deep in their hearts that conservative men are both sexually obsessed and repressed, that conservatism is a way of looking at the world in which women are lesser, mere prey. They think this is behind everything, including conservative reservations about or opposition to abortion. In this view, conservative jurists who say things like “60% of my clerks were women” and “I coach the girls’ soccer and debate teams” are engaged in an elaborate cover. They hate the modern world. Behind closed doors they’re always swinging caveman’s clubs.
Because where there’s smoke there must be fire. There was Ms. Ford, then the Yale rumors. There’s no way there isn’t something to it.
So it will never end.
In other words, they’re a bunch of raging, frothy-mouthed, stompy-fisted, hate-donkeys who can’t accept when they lose so they’ll continue to try and find a way to win. Sort of like what we’ve seen from the Left in general since Trump won in 2016.
Seriously, look at these people:
WSJ is right-wing trash now

they might as well hire Alex jones, he would be more truthful
than these writers they have now

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might as well call this paper Breitbart now

I ended my subscription to this rightwing rag years ago now

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Wanna bet there is actually saliva on this person’s monitor?
Valid points, but you neglected to mention two words: Merrick Garland. What the GOP sanctioned on him was outrageous, and the Democrats will never forget it.
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Oh, so it’s Republican’s fault.
Because we ThinkingAmericans do NOT want a Sexual Predator as a Justice on Our Supreme Court!!!
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Thinking Americans.
Now that’s funny.
IDK what happened to Peggy but I really don't find much of what she says new or insightful anymore. Boring. Establishment republican afraid she won't get invited to the right parties
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We will never ever stop! Yes, that's right. That bullying, whiney pervert doesn't belong on the SCOTUS. He's both mentally and morally unfit.
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Clearly, someone with the word ‘nasty’ in his name twice is someone we should pay attention to.
Oh, wait.

If they were trying to prove Peggy right they succeeded.
‘They LOST the battle’: Peggy Noonan triggers #MeToo with piece on why they’re REALLY targeting Kavanaugh ‘They LOST the battle’: Peggy Noonan triggers #MeToo with piece on why they’re REALLY targeting Kavanaugh Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on September 20, 2019 Rating: 5

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