Corey Booker’s actress girlfriend Rosario Dawson posts nude video to mark 40th birthday

For some inexplicable reason, Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker’s girlfriend chose to celebrate her 40th birthday this weekend by posing nude on social media, sans Booker.
Rosario Dawson, a Hollywood actress, posted a video to her Instagram account Saturday — though her birthday was actually last Thursday — sitting topless outside, albeit away from the camera. Booker couldn’t be seen anywhere in the video. Nor has Dawson posted anything about him since late April.

On April 29 she posted a brief video with him:

Dawson confirmed her relationship status with the 2020 contender back in March. Speaking at a CNN town hall later that month, Booker revealed that the two had met at a fundraiser for former Maryland Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous.
“We had a meeting once at a political fundraiser for Ben Jealous, who was running for governor,” he said. “I was trying to help him out, but she didn’t give me the time of day.”
“So we met again, and I had one of those really awkward experiences. I’m a United States Senator, and I had to get up the courage to walk up to her and ask her for her phone number. And this does not — doesn’t make me nervous, but that made me nervous.”
In an interview the following month on New York radio station WNYW’s “Good Day New York” program, the senator claimed that the two were deeply in love.
“We’re just two people in love trying to build a great relationship every single day,” he said, adding that he hoped the relationship would “last forever.”
The New Jersey senator also appears to be in love with the prospect of being America’s next president, not that America shares that vision. The latest polls show Booker commanding only three percent of votes versus leading candidate Joe Biden’s 46 percent. Sad.
While it’s unclear what about the 50-year-old candidate Americans appear to dislike, there’s certainly no dearth of objectionable policy positions and political perspectives to choose from.
Last week the senator essentially came out in support of infanticide by blasting a just-signed Georgia bill that outlawed abortions for babies whose heartbeats can be detected.
Signed into law by Gov. Brian Kept, the bill limits abortions to the first six weeks of pregnancy versus the first 20 weeks. Why? Because it’s around the 7th or so week that an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected by medical equipment, according to the American Pregnancy Association.
HB481 does, however, allow women who’ve experienced rape or incest to still have an abortion past six weeks, provided they filed an official file report alleging that the rape or incest occurred.
Georgia's "fetal heartbeat" law is an all-out-attack on women that will strip them of rights before many even know they are pregnant. I will fight to protect Roe v. Wade—abortion is health care.
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He posted the tweet Wednesday, a day before Dawson’s birthday. On her actual birthday, May 9, he posted a flurry of additional tweets about everything from socialist Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez’s widely mocked “Pay Your Intern” pledge to his unrealistic plan to end gun violence.
I am proud to sign the to support @payourinterns. Justice for all isn't possible if we continue to support a system of unpaid internships—we need to level the playing field to ensure everyone has an opportunity to achieve upward mobility.
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This week, @NRO published an editorial that called my plan to end gun violence "dangerous." In response, I wrote an op-ed on the importance of addressing this epidemic to save lives. They rejected it. So we're publishing it instead. Read it here: 
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Licensing for guns.
Closing loopholes.
Commonsense gun regulation.
A number of things could help us stay safe and keep guns out of the wrong hands. We have to take action. Now.
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Booker did not tweet once about Dawson. In fact, it doesn’t appear he’s ever tweeted about her. Nor does his Instagram appear to contain any photos of him with his alleged boo.
What’s interesting is that his alleged relationship with Dawson was revealed to the public only a month after he’d announced his candidacy for office. Why is this relevant? Because only months earlier he’d finally addressed longstanding rumors about him being a closeted gay man.
“About two months before his announcement Friday, he took the time to address longstanding and unfounded rumors that he is gay,” the urban news purveyor Newsone reported in February.
“I’m heterosexual,” Booker had reportedly said to the media in December. “Every candidate should run on their authentic self, tell their truth, and more importantly, or mostly importantly, talk about their vision for the country.”
Because of the timing, some conspiracy theorists have speculated that the 2020 contender has simply been using Dawson to distract from the rumors. Observe:
Cory "I'm-totally-not-gay" Booker is a man of saying whatever is politically expedient. An untethered liar on his best day.
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Sen. Cory Booker wants romance with Rosario Dawson to 'last forever' 

Two problems shes a lesbian and he is gay! He paid a settlement and admitted to sexual assaulting a guy in High School ..
Do they think the American voter is that inept?
Booker is bad
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@CoryBooker Why are you so ashamed that you are gay?Rosario Dawson is also gay. You guys make a cute couple but evidence is clear that you are a gay man.
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To be clear, there’s no evidence to substantiate such theories.
It’s unclear how Booker feels about Dawson posing topless.
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