Christian mom tells gay man on morning TV that homosexuality is a choice. Social media lashes out in response.

A Christian mom told a gay man that she believes homosexuality is a choice, and social media users roasted her for her stance.

What are the details?

The mom — Izzy Montague of South London — appeared on ITV's "Good Morning Britain" Thursday, where she sat with Tom Cox, a gay father and blogger.

According to the Daily Mail, the two were going head-to-head over the teaching of LGBT lessons in schools. Most notably, schools in Birmingham recently suspended lessons on LGBT relationships after Muslim parents and leaders protested.
Montague said that she didn't believe schools should teach children such lessons, but Cox disagreed, saying that not teaching LGBT lessons on diversity will harm kids in the long run.

The Christian mom countered that her beliefs prevented her from having a homosexual relationship and explained that she never even questioned whether she was gay or straight because of those beliefs. She added that be believes homosexuality is a choice.

Cox, however, insisted that people are born into their sexual preferences.
"I think you're doing a child a disservice by not allowing them to have that education to see that families come in all different shapes and sizes," he said. "We live in such a diverse time. Gay people are everywhere, so they're going to get on a bus and that bus driver is going to be gay."

"They're going to be served food in a restaurant by a gay woman, a gay person may be delivering your child's baby one day," Cox added. "We are everywhere."
Montague insisted that she's not teaching her child to be ignorant — she simply wants to have a say over their education.

"What makes you think that my child is going around in a world thinking that nobody is gay?" she asked. "I never said that I would not teach my child. I'm Christian, so we have our own ways of teaching about the world. It's not about living in a vacuum. It's not about saying 'This person doesn't exist,' it's nothing like that. It's our opinions of the world around us."

Montague later revealed that she doesn't believe that people are born gay.
"I don't agree with that you're born, you know, anything, no," Montague said. "Of course I believe it's a choice. I've made a choice on what I think is right or wrong. I don't remember ever thinking to myself 'Am I gay, am I straight?' It's something that I have done based on how I believe."

She added, "Even if I was gay, I do personally believe — based on my belief — that I feel that a heterosexual relationship is the right course of action for me."

What was the response to her remarks?

Montague's interaction with Cox was reasonable and fair, with both sides hearing out the other's point of view, but social media took her to the woodshed for her Christian beliefs.

Many users called her "homophobic" and "bigoted," while others simply called her beliefs outdated.

The Daily Mail reported that Montague received heavy criticism from viewers on Twitter.

One person wrote, "Wow, lost for words with this debate. Who in their right mind would choose to be gay with the amount of hate and abuse they would endure?"
Another attacked Montague directly and said, "Wow, this woman's views are absolutely disgusting to say people who are gay have a choice. The more she talks the more I dislike her. She is blatantly homophobic!"

Others did stand up for Montague and express their gratitude for staying true to her beliefs, but the majority of social media users discussing the segment did not take to Montague's stances kindly.
Christian mom tells gay man on morning TV that homosexuality is a choice. Social media lashes out in response. Christian mom tells gay man on morning TV that homosexuality is a choice. Social media lashes out in response. Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on March 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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