Well… that’s actually kind of cool (25 Photos)

“4000 lumen flashlight through my hand.”
A sculpture of a skull made out of desserts.
This Frodo piece of made entirely out of Jelly Beans.
Old and new.
Tennis Ball Gumballs.
“After years of sitting in my closet, this bookmark has prevented the back side of the book cover from yellowing.”
“My great grandpa’s first car that he parked here 60 years ago”
This train ticket was stamped with a little train.
The light reveals the blood vessels in this her ear.
This hotel has escape instructions on the floor in case smoke fills the hallways.
School bus turned pick up truck.
“This orange with my powerful flashlight behind it looks like the sun.”
This ‘painting-perfect’ view.

These slugs protecting their eggs.
This snow made a nice little tent.
A tree carved down into a mushroom.
This cherry blossom tree is actually made of tiny piggies.
How could you not obey a sign this polite?
These rats instinctively hold tails when cuddling.
A WWII meat ration token.
These crackers from the early 50’s only have 7 numbers in the bar code.
This big ass paper airplane.
A garbage can disguised as a tree trunk.
These penguin-looking zucchinis.
Well… that’s actually kind of cool (25 Photos) Well… that’s actually kind of cool (25 Photos) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on February 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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