Sometimes it is our animals that are saving us (17 Photos)


Sometimes it is our animals that are saving us (17 Photos) Sometimes it is our animals that are saving us (17 Photos) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on October 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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  1. you must never Google search Adam Thoba.
    Believe me don't search Adam Thoba on Google
    I disagree with everything you said about animals
    That's what is wrong today. Many people are caring for a puppy vs a human. It's sad. I seen one lady on toktok video, her stupid ass had spent thousands of dollars on an elaborated cat Play place...she record her first response from her cat. The animal ignored her playground and tried to scratch her after she tried to coax the Cat. Today is a sad fucking state of affairs and internationally the world is completely done
    Our lives are going to be all regulated by the government and big technology alphabet Google
    You'll wake up to pre made cereal, auto sheets will be made by robots or some government run system, bec remember we are all dirty humans and we "put life's in danger" for simplicity of the most basic. They fucking told us No Singing at family functions...and people say. ."ohhh Yea I can see why they would Blah Blah Blah" wake up mother suckers. This is the end . For real this time. Follow Lord who is called Christ.
    Time is coming where you and I and everyone will be separated by whom we believe in.
    Do you denounce Christ? Person A says no, He is my God. Off you go (and if you think it's never going to get to that...I assure you it is) person B says yes I don't care about Jesus... the checkpoint soilder will say good little sheep....and allow you to "live" and eat and watch NFL on big screens and unlimited Cheetos and Pepsi.. all whilst the Christ announcers and the new condemned will be starved in camps, this may not happen tomorrow or next 5- 10 years but it's definitely going to happen


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