NYT says covid virus has been eradicated, now it’s “unvaccinated” people who are making others sick with their mere existence

  The goal posts are shifting once again as the mainstream media struggles to explain away the hundreds of thousands of “vaccinated” people who are now coming down with the ever-elusive Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and its many “variants,” despite supposedly being “protected” against them.

According to Apoorva Mandavilli from The New York Times, the Chinese Virus is no longer a real threat now that the injected are coming down with it. Instead, “unvaccinated” people by their mere existence are to blame for rising cases of the Fauci Flu across the United States.

As many as 51,000 people living in America are now testing “positive” for Chinese Germs on a daily basis, and Mandavilli says that natural immunity is the cause. Even though the “vaccines” are supposed to provide protection, the fact that they are not is somehow unvaccinated people’s fault, according to Mandavilli.

“The more contagious delta variant may be getting the blame, but fueling its rise is an older, more familiar foe: vaccine hesitancy and refusal, long pervasive in the United States,” Mandavilli contends.

“Were a wider swath of the population vaccinated, there would be no resurgence – of the delta variant, alpha variant or any other version of the coronavirus.”

Mainstream media now claims “breakthrough” infections in vaccinated people much more common than expected because of “unvaccinated” people – WHAT?

For months, we were told that so-called “breakthrough” infections – these are people who took the jab but still “caught” the Fauci Flu – were extremely rare. Most new cases, the authorities claimed, were in the unvaccinated, hence the need to inject as many people as possible at warp speed.

Now that there are far more breakthrough infections than regular infections, however, the story is changing to claim that the real virus is unvaccinated people, who are somehow making vaccinated people sick.

“While mild breakthrough infections may be more common than once thought, the vaccines effectively prevent severe illness and death,” Mandavilli alleges, providing no evidence to back this claim.

“Yet nearly half the population remains unvaccinated and unprotected. About 30% of adults have not received even a single dose, and the percentage is much higher in some parts of the country.”

The latest corporate media allegation is that unvaccinated people just existing is creating an endless supply of new Wuhan Flu variants that will continue to infect the vaccinated – even though they took the jab, mind you – unless and until they become vaccinated, too.

The self-fulfilling prophecies of the medical deep state’s threats are also coming true. If everyone did not get vaccinated as ordered to by the government, then Chinese Germs would come roaring back – and here we are, supposedly.

Areas of the country where Chinese Virus injection compliance are week have seen sudden surges in new cases, we are told. The truth, though, is that injected people are driving the surge by spreading more variants through their jabs.

“Toxins in the vaccines are making people sick,” warned a commenter of ours using common sense to identify the true culprit spreading sickness. “That’s how toxins work!”

“The vaccinated ones are creating and spreading variants as well as the deadly inflammatory spike proteins,” noted another. “We will all be affected and harmed sooner or later. But before I die, I would like to see those who intentionally commit the crimes go jails … When I go to heaven, I want to see them in hell. What a mess!! When will the world get better? No way out.”

NYT says covid virus has been eradicated, now it’s “unvaccinated” people who are making others sick with their mere existence NYT says covid virus has been eradicated, now it’s “unvaccinated” people who are making others sick with their mere existence Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on July 28, 2021 Rating: 5

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