Maricopa County Supervisor Jack Sellers Failed Miserably in His Effort to Disparage Senate’s Audit – Here’s Our Rebuttal


Last month Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs wrote a letter threatening to never again use the Dominion voting equipment being audited by the Arizona Senate because it had been “compromised” by the interactions of an “uncertified contractor”.

Then on June 30th/July 1st, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Jack Sellers, issued a letter (named Chairman Jack Sellers’ Statement on Why We Need New Election Equipment), saying they were purchasing replacement equipment from the same manufacturer, Dominion, to replace the machines that had been obtained during the Senate’s audit of the county.

Here is the short letter with numbers we have added to footnotes below:

Maricopa County announced this week that it will comply with the Secretary of State’s direction and replace the tabulation equipment that was subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate Republican leadership and provided to an uncertified contractor. (1) This follows the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency stating the equipment the Senate took from the County must never be used in any future election.(2)

 Counties are in the business of running elections according to the laws written by the State Legislature. Yet, Senate Republican leadership continues to ignore the law and suggest it doesn’t apply to them when it comes to procurement, public records and accounting for dollars spent for a public purpose. (3)  They decided to hire uncertified novices to inspect expensive election equipment. The suggestion that we can now run a few Logic & Accuracy tests and call equipment good is wildly naïve but not surprising.  Maricopa County already hired two certified voting system laboratories to conduct true forensic audits of the tabulation equipment. Those audits proved during the 2020 General Election the tabulation equipment wasn’t connected to the internet or capable of vote switching. (4)

Calling what has happened under the Senate contractor in the Coliseum an “audit” insults the voters’ intelligence and fuels the imaginations of those who wish to tear our democracy apart.  Senate Republican leadership continues to complain that the County would not allow the circus into our secure election facility.  They apparently know so little about the scope of work of their contractor, that they think the act at the Coliseum would fit into a building a fraction of the size.  They also ignore the fact the County needed the building to conduct statutorily mandated jurisdictional elections in March and May. (5)

The contractor for the Senate “audit” is also a known election conspiracy theorist who reportedly appears in a new movie to outline his partisan beliefs.

Many of the subcontractors hired by the conspiracy theorist remain a mystery. Why?

Those who are being paid to count the ballots remain a mystery. Why?

And the people paying for and profiting from this misguided exercise remain a mystery. Why?

Would this even be happening if there wasn’t money to be made?

No person affiliated with the “audit” is in any position to lecture the Board about election security, accountability, or honesty. Release the report and be prepared to defend it. (6)


(1) The auditors the County wasted $100k on were not certified at the time they were chosen.  Four hours after we pointed this out the DC government entity that provides the certifications, certified the two auditors.

(2) The letter states the decision not to use the equipment again follows the statement by CISA saying, “the equipment the Senate took (emphasis added) from the County must never be used in any future election.”.

The obvious response to this statement is to ask then why are you using these machines that are so fragile and tender.  Certainly, there must be better options than to use such fragile systems?

(3) The County had no problem accepting money from Facebook before the election but has a problem with the Senate’s auditors raising money to pay for their audit and relieve the state from this burden?  Really?

(4) The county blew $100k to get two firms to rubber-stamp the 2020 Election.  We wrote about this.  Now imagine how the citizens of the county will react when the results of the Senate’s audit are devastating.

(5) This point was plain stupid.  No reply necessary.

(6) This was a gigantic effort to project the county’s flaws onto the Senate.  It doesn’t work.

Wait till the results of the audit show a significant difference between what was reported by the county in the election and what the real numbers are per the audit.

Maricopa County Supervisor Jack Sellers Failed Miserably in His Effort to Disparage Senate’s Audit – Here’s Our Rebuttal Maricopa County Supervisor Jack Sellers Failed Miserably in His Effort to Disparage Senate’s Audit – Here’s Our Rebuttal Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on July 06, 2021 Rating: 5

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