Here's What's Really in the Voting Bills That Texas Dems Are So Worked Up Over

 Texas Democratic legislators staged a political stunt to stall passing election integrity bills on Monday, but the attempt to impede the democratic process is all the more pathetic when you look at what’s in the legislation.

The Democrats, mask-less, left the Lone Star State by plane and went where swamp creatures belong — to Washington, D.C. In fleeing, the state Democrats denied the majority GOP a quorum and at least temporarily halted a vote on Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3.

The Democrats attempted to frame their sideshow as some sort of march on Selma. In reality, they’re opposing the notion that people need to prove who they are before they vote.

“We are coming to [Washington] to put pressure on [Republicans] to act, because this isn’t just Texas,” Democratic state Rep. John Bucy III told CNN. “All over the South and in Republican states, we are seeing voter suppression bills.”

“We need Congress to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act,” he added.

These people certainly do have high opinions of themselves, don’t they? CNN, of course, gave them and their opposition to the will of the people nothing but sympathy.

“Texas state lawmakers, enacting an intricately plotted escape, left their posts and the Lone Star state itself and took flight to Washington on Monday on an extraordinary mission to halt Republican restrictive voting bills built on former President Donald Trump’s fraud lies,” the alleged news network reported.

Of course, when you look at what is in the legislation being opposed Texas Democrats, you can see that their actions are the sideshow they appear to be.

As Fox News noted, HB 3 would make it a crime for people who do not request ballots to receive them in the mail.

“[An] application must be submitted in writing and signed by the applicant using ink on paper,” the legislation says. “An electronic signature or photocopied signature is not permitted.”

HB 3 also would require people who request mail-in ballots to show identification.

A separate but very similar bill from the state Senate also tackles some issues that could lead to voter fraud, including drive-thru voting, which was allowed in Harris County during the November election.

SB 1 would require voters to have a valid reason for voting from their vehicle, which isn’t asking too much.

It also would set up monthly reviews of Texas voter rolls to identify noncitizens — not a problem for those of us who don’t believe illegal immigrants should be able to cast ballots.

Both bills would add an extra hour of required early voting hours while banning 24-hour voting, according to The Texas Tribune.

They also would “strengthen the autonomy of partisan poll watchers at polling places by granting them ‘free movement’ within a polling place, except for being present at a voting station when a voter is filling out their ballot,” The Tribune reported.

“Both chambers also want to make it a criminal offense to obstruct their view or distance the watcher ‘in a manner that would make observation not reasonably effective.'”

But Democrats don’t ever want election integrity laws passed. The party relies on the fog of war to get anything accomplished. Apparently, Democrats don’t feel they can win elections where voters cast only one ballot and have to prove they are who they say they are.

There are no literacy tests and no land-owning requirements, and women and minorities are not denied the right to vote. There are also plenty of locations statewide where people not only can obtain IDs but also can photocopy them if need be.

State Democrats pulled a stunt on Monday to stop a bill that essentially makes cheating more challenging — nothing more. But they’ve hijacked the narrative with the help of the establishment media.

If you listen to CNN — which some people still do, unfortunately — you might be under the impression that Texas Republicans are seeking a return to the Jim Crow era, which simply isn’t true.

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