Here’s The Reason Why So Many Companies Are Looking To Employ, But No One Really Wants To Work There, As Shared By This TikToker Online Interview (20 Pics)

 These recent times were not easy for all. Especially for those who lost their jobs and were left to face the unknown. It seems that this gave people time to think more about what they can do, how to get out of tough financial situations and understand whether they were provided with fair working conditions.

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A TikTok user created a video talking about why businesses are struggling to find workers

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TikTok user @pizam2000 addressed the headlines of news media outlets that show businesses struggling to find employers following the narrative of keeping the minimum wage low and stating that people are milking the welfare system. Even though there is a distinct division between businesses that don’t want to change some of the working conditions and people who don’t want to be exploited for the minimum wage, this could be not the only reason why there is a labor shortage.

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TikToker @j.dkon suggested a different point of view to this. When things became unclear, people were set free from their workplaces and did not get any benefits from the government, so the only way for them was to think of some other ways to make money. Some of them started creating small businesses or working as freelancers, giving things that were previously only a hobby for them a try. The TikTok creator admits that it is not easy to do this and make something out of it; however, even though people are struggling and working more, at least they’re doing this for themselves and they simply don’t want to go back to work for someone else. People are still working hard for things, but at least they see some improvement in their life.

Another TikTok user also commented on the situation, sharing his own beliefs of why the labor shortage occurred

Image credits: j.dkon

The video gained a lot of attention, receiving 271.3k views and 33k likes. Users in the comments agreed that this is the case as people finally understand their worth, the importance of their mental and physical health. Once again, people stressed things that businesses do and in this way abuse their employees. Small wages and constant confrontation with clients were only a few of them. It was time to take the advice of the “if you don’t like your job, then leave” mantra and make some new decisions.

Bored Panda contacted @j.dkon to ask him a few questions on the matter. He was surprised to see his video gain so much attention. He also stated that “Being able to speak with so many people about an important topic is the main reason I create this kind of content. If it can help even one person in their journey for a better understanding, it’s worth it.”

Since a lot of people are now thinking about doing and creating something on their own rather than getting back to working for big companies and businesses, @j.dkon was asked whether he can personally relate to this situation. He agreed that this situation is relatable and provided a few examples of companies that use their workers to an extent where they risk their mental and physical health, making modern slavery today’s reality: “it’s sickening to think this is where we are now, almost a modern-day serfdom.”

What can people expect in the future? Does it mean that everyone will become entrepreneurs or self-employed workers? Is labor shortage just a temporary setback? According to the TikTok user, “we’re entering a ‘new normal’ when it comes to labor and what individuals are willing to put up with.” He stated that during the tough times, when the pandemic hit, the government failed to help its citizen, so people had to think of how to get out of the situation on their own. This helped to realize that they don’t need to bow to “giant conglomerates.”

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“We’re not ready to surrender the true economic freedom that we’ve tasted,” said the TikToker. He continued that “the labor shortage is the result of the atrocities that had been levied on workers for decades, and it’s going to continue until businesses get the message, or we have a full workers’ strike.” So it seems that now is the time people have started to fight for their rights and work the way that suits their personal needs best.

How do you find this situation? Did you experience something similar? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

See the full video down below!

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Here is what other users of TikTok had to say on the matter

Here’s The Reason Why So Many Companies Are Looking To Employ, But No One Really Wants To Work There, As Shared By This TikToker Online Interview (20 Pics) Here’s The Reason Why So Many Companies Are Looking To Employ, But No One Really Wants To Work There, As Shared By This TikToker Online Interview (20 Pics) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on July 07, 2021 Rating: 5

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