EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Don’t Care About Minorities – Democrats Care About Minority Votes – Real or Manufactured


For years Democrats have used minority neighborhoods to manufacture and steal votes.  Now they are scared to death that their disdain for minorities will finally be unearthed.

The Democrat Party is the only political party in the world today that in the past had a platform promoting slavery.  The Southern Democrats went to war in part to keep their slaves.

Democrats after the war put together Jim Crow laws and the KKK.  They voted for segregation and keeping the blacks in America in a lower class.

Now the Democrats claim to be the Party that supports minorities but is this really the truth?

The Democrats and their Congressional Black Congress come from some of the poorest districts in the country.  After years of representing these districts, the districts are a mess.  Republican Kim Klacik ran on truly helping Baltimore but somehow lost her race.   But did she really?

Year after year, black districts vote Democrat with unbelievable turnout results.  In the 2012 Election in Philadelphia the results were shocking:

This year was particularly egregious. In October came the first hint that something was fishy when the city’s voting rolls were discovered to be nine months pregnant with inactive voters. Federal law dictates that voters be removed from the rolls after they miss two consecutive presidential elections. In Philly, we are more forgiving. Two of three residents in the city are eligible to vote. Taking into consideration children and teenagers who can’t vote, the one million-plus registered voters is impossible. There are undoubtedly dead people on the rolls. The important question is: Did they vote?

Bloated rolls provide opportunity for the unscrupulous to pad the vote for a particular candidate and the turnout. Fortunately there are poll watchers legally certified from both parties that assure that can’t happen. However, in 75 Philadelphia polling sites, the Republican poll watcher was at first either barred from entering or thrown out. It took three hours before a Common Pleas Court judge issued an emergency order that they must be allowed in. A lot can happen in those three hours.

In Philadelphia, voter turnout in 20 of the wards was 97 percent and greater. That is 97 percent of the bloated voter rolls that probably include dead people. Zombies are in these days, and in Philadelphia, they vote.

In 59 Philadelphia precincts, Mitt Romney received no votes. Zero. If you total up just those precincts, Obama won with over 19,000 votes to nothing for Romney.

In 2020 the results were worse with Republicans being withheld from observing the election counting (i.e. manufacturing) process.  President Trump was up by nearly a million votes in Pennsylvania on Election Night but somehow the Democrats were able to manufacture enough votes to give Biden the win.

Where did these votes come from – most likely inner-city districts.  The Democrats claim to be for the inner city but the facts are that these are the districts where they manufacture votes.  The former governor of Illinois knows this.

To be blunt – Democrats don’t care about inner cities – Democrats use inner cities to manufacture votes.

This explains what’s really behind Attorney General Garland’s comments about canvassing operations in Arizona.  In a publication released on July 28th, the AG shared this:

AG Garland is trying to discourage canvassing in minority districts.  This is not because Garland cares about minorities.  This is because Garland doesn’t want their massive fraud in minority districts to be uncovered.

Federal Law Constraints on … by Jim Hoft

This is the time for Americans to demand 2020 Election forensic audits in all the major cities.  Democrats don’t care about minorities.  Democrats care about minority votes, manufactured or real. 

EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Don’t Care About Minorities – Democrats Care About Minority Votes – Real or Manufactured EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Don’t Care About Minorities – Democrats Care About Minority Votes – Real or Manufactured Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on July 31, 2021 Rating: 5

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