The US Senate Has Confirmed Nearly Twice As Many Biden Candidates As They Did Trump Candidates


Every Senator in the US Senate should have voted down every candidate for office provided to them for approval until the 2020 Election was forensically audited.  They should have demanded full forensic audits in frankly every state before they voted on any candidates provided by the Biden/Obama gang.  But this did not happen.  

Many expected Republican Senators to take that same tact and fight against Biden nominees like the Democrat minority did against Trump nominees. This is not happening. Biden nominees are sailing through confirmation at nearly double the rate of Trump confirmations. During Trump’s presidency, the Senate GOP majority had to break a nominee filibuster and end the debate a whopping 314 times. All the previous U.S. presidents combined faced this situation only 244 times.

There were 108 cloture votes in Trump’s first 18 months to break Democrat filibusters of his nominees. So far as we can tell, the GOP minority has only used the filibuster twice in the first 5 months against Biden nominees. This was in January against the nomination of Alejandro Mayorkas for DHS Secretary. And early June when GOP Senators Lindsey Graham, Murkowski, and Collins sided with Dems to end the filibuster of controversial Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. She was rewarded for her numerous cases against Trump, confirmed to our 2nd highest court, the DC Court of Appeals.

As of June 25th, 2021 Biden has had 81 nominees confirmed. Trump only had 45 confirmed at this same time in 2017. Biden’s confirmations would be much higher if not for the Senate impeachment trial. Mitch McConnell has surrendered and gone back to business as usual representing his “Uniparty”. Now that Republicans are the minority, there are virtually no nominee filibusters. This is similar to the Senate during Clinton who had only 10 cloture votes in his first term, 4 in W. Bush’s first term, and 17 in Obama’s first. As a reminder, Trump had 314 during his term.

Even though Trump had the luxury of 52 GOP votes in the Senate, Biden has had an easier time getting his Cabinet in place than previous presidents Obama, W. Bush, and Clinton. Trump’s wait for Cabinet picks to be confirmed was nearly the longest in 30 years. But Biden is the first president in decades to secure those same picks without a single failed nominee, despite only having a 50/50 split Senate.

To delay Trump nominees the Democrats weaponized Senate Rule 22 which covers “cloture”. It requires 8 separate time-consuming steps. Only 16 signatures are needed on a cloture petition to complete the first step, then the process grinds slowly. In 2013 Harry Reid changed Senate rules so a “cloture vote” only needs 51 votes to pass, instead of 60. This “cloture vote” stops the filibuster of a nominee but it triggers the next step. The minority party is awarded 30 hours of debate, one hour per Senator. It can consume over a week of valuable Senate floor time.

To make matters worse, Mitch McConnell cut Senate hours during Trump’s presidency to no more than 2½ days a week. Senators would arrive Monday evening for various votes, then depart by 2:30 pm Thursday. Minority leader Mitch has voted NO to only 5 of Biden’s 21 Cabinet/Rank picks. When Chuck Schumer was minority leader in 2017, he voted NO to 15 of the 21 picked by Trump. Below are the GOP Senators who voted NO to at least 10 of Biden’s picks for Cabinet/Rank positions. Below are the top Republicans who fought against Biden’s radical Cabinet nominees.

Not one confirmation should have taken place.  The individuals who voted for Biden’s horribly corrupt and incompetent candidates don’t stand for America.  They stand for the Uniparty.

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