Newsmax Guest Says Critical Race Theory Will Lead to Nazi-Style Death Camps for White People

 In Today’s episode of White People Are Crazy, rightwing talk radio host Michael Savage took his I-wanna-be-oppressed-so-bad ass on Newsmax, aka Republican Disney +, to turn the dial on his conservative Critical Race Theory paranoia up to 10 by declaring that the teaching of CRT is a slippery slope to *checks notes* Nazi Germany-style death camps for white people.

 “The same kind of thing started in Germany,” the guy who I’m still pretty sure shot Tony Soprano in the gut in episode one of season six said. “The Jews were no good. The Jews did this. The Jews did that. The next thing you know they were being excluded from swimming pools. They didn’t put them in concentration camps overnight.

“I studied this intimately,” he continued. “I am Jewish. I know how this starts. Attacks on white people is exactly what was done to the Jews in Germany in the 1930s. Don’t fall for this garbage. This is the road to the death camps. Stand up to these bastards and sue them!”

Clearly, Savage needs a history lesson and one that would force him to think critically. (If only there were an academic study that allowed for such a thing.) There are subtle differences between—*checks notes again just to make sure by white-nonsense-o-meter is operating properly*—Nazi Germany and the teaching of CRT in America.

Let’s just say for the sake of a stupid-ass argument that CRT teaches hatred for white people in the same way that Nazi propaganda taught hatred for Jewish people (it doesn’t and Savage sounds like a whiny color-redacted idiot saying that it does). How exactly does that turn into a white genocide situation in a majority white country?

According to the census in 1933, Jewish people accounted for less than a full percent of Germany’s population and they weren’t the people in power. Conversely, America’s population is still well over 70 percent white, and white people still overwhelmingly represent our nation’s lawmakers and law enforcers.

So who’s setting up the Caucasian death camps, bruh? Savage appears to believe that CRT will serve as a catalyst for the largest white-on-white crime massacre in the nation’s history, which would be ironic AF if anything he was saying made any sense.

Besides, Savage didn’t need to go all the way to Germany to find comparable history that involves racist propaganda ending in the mass murders of a racial group—there’s a history full of that right here in the good old U. S. of A.

But, of course, the history of mass lynchings of Black people by racist white people—who absolutely believed their actions were as righteous as the Nazis did—isn’t the history white conservatives want to be explored. That’s what this is all really about. White people have a very white-exclusive idea of what racism is and how it works, and CRT does nothing but poke holes in that bubble.

All people like Savage do is prove, with their below remedial understandings of history and power structures, the need for Critical Race Theory to be taught.

Newsmax Guest Says Critical Race Theory Will Lead to Nazi-Style Death Camps for White People Newsmax Guest Says Critical Race Theory Will Lead to Nazi-Style Death Camps for White People Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on June 23, 2021 Rating: 5

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