Exclusive Statement: Left Freaks Out That MTG Visited AOC’s Office In 2019, Video Shows Nothing Scary


Democrat politicians and their media allies are focused on US House Rep. Majorie Taylor Green from Georgia for her strong activist streak that resonates with President Donald J. Trump’s supporters and the overall Conservative- America First-Populist movement. Here is the leftist media’s latest attempt to discredit the powerful Congresswoman.

Greene searched Capitol office building for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, 2019 video shows The now-deleted video of Marjorie Taylor Greene surfaced just days after the GOP congresswoman verbally accosted Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber,” The Washington Post reported Saturday, along with a video that had gone viral overnight Friday, showing Greene and a small group of associates.

The group began their visit by dropping off a petition to Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi of California, and then had security assigned to them so it is curious why Democrats were so frightened of the small group.

“These representatives are scared to death of us right now and all we are doing is walking through the building,” Greene said into the video camera. “They never have to listen to the people, so they are out of their comfort zone.”

“We are here demanding accountability from our elected representavies. I am excited to know that we are doing something that needs to be done, because the other side does this all of the time,” Greene, a US military veteran, says into the camera showing herself and others finding their way around the confusing building.

“The security guard told us that it is usually liberal activists who come and bother our representatives. These are our employees. We need to demand accountability from our representatives,” Greene said in the video.


The best part of that day was having Capitol police thank us for being there. They said, “the left always does this, but the right never does.”

From the crying virtue-signaling radical environmentalists sent to hunger strike at Pelosi’s office by AOC to the hordes of screaming “feminists” berating Republican lawmakers through the halls of Congress, or the so-called “metoo” women putting red paint on themselves and disrupting the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation hearings, we’ve become accustomed to seeing it from the left.

But when a group of freedom-loving, Constitution-supporting, Patriots show up, somehow that’s unacceptable to the fake news media.

We went there to hold our employees, aka politicians, accountable for their actions. Too many of them have forgotten that they work for the people and not the other way around.

Many of them have broken their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and have sadly become the very “domestic” enemies the oath swears they protect our Constitution from.

I was honored to stand with Marjorie then, and I’m honored to stand with her today. We need more Representatives like her in Congress who take their oaths seriously and put America first just like President Trump does!” wrote Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and a reporter for Real America’s Voice News.

The Washington Post story was promoted by other left-leaning outlets like CNN and to their many different activist platforms and made to go viral by early Saturday morning.

Reactions from the left on social media were emotional and violent.

So what did the group do that day that has the left so frightened and so upset? In the video, the group is seen after walking down the hallway and talking quietly amongst themselves for a few moments, reaching the office of AOC.

They wrote in AOC’s Congressional guest book and talked to staff through a mail slot in a locked door. It has shocked the left into fits of rage and fear on social media.

“We want her to have a happy face in her guest book,” Green said.  “Did you lock the door? We would like to talk to a member of Congress,” she said.

“We want AOC to continue what you are doing, Jesus loves you, Trump is your President,” Bergquam said quietly thru the mail slot in the door.

“You need to be a big girl and talk to the American people about your policies, ” Green said. After 4 minutes of talking into the slot, the group gathered outside the door, chatted, drew pictures in the book, and made videos.

Will Johnson, the founder of Unite America First, said, “I think AOC is afraid of a Black Man in a Trump hat, but remember when she led people around here and harassed Mitch McConnell and said where is Mitch? Well this is Where is AOC?”

After 9 minutes, the group left the area of AOC’s office and went to visit some Republican House members. That was the bone-chilling violence the left is reacting to. Watch the video:

FACT CHECK: Johnson was correct about when AOC led people around to harass Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. Here is footage of AOC walking wild-eyed through the halls of the Senate building, making demands about a bill.


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