Confirmed: BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors is a self-avowed communist after admitting that she and her org are Marxist sympathizers

 Black Lives Matter is not a ‘civil rights organization’ as much as the Democratic Party and the group’s media and corporate shills want us to believe it is.

Rather, BLM is a straight-up revolutionary group in the mold of every previous left-wing Marxist/Communist movement we’ve seen over the past century.

And like those organizations that came before it, BLM’s founders and propagandist champions are lying about its real intent: To help bring about radical change in America by completely overturning our founding principles and constitutional system because it’s ‘systematically racist.’

One of its co-founders, Patrisse Cullors — recently outed for spending millions on homes and real estate like a capitalist, not a self-avowed Marxist — has admitted as much.

In a 2012 video first unearthed and published by The National Pulse, Cullors admits that a book she wrote reminds her of murderous Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book.” In a speech, she talked about how a young person claimed her book was “like Mao’s Red Book,” which Cullors appears to eagerly embrace:

She said:

I was speaking to this young person from Arizona who’s trying to fight SB 1070, and he grabbed a book and he said, “It’s like Mao’s Red Book.” [Laughter] And I was like man, that’s what I was thinking, and it was just really cool to hear him make that connection, and I was like how about you buy 10 to 15 of these books and you all have like a youth organizing group where you talk about it and you really try to engage this.

She added, “I think I have a really important role in speaking to youth. Maybe it’s because I came in the movement at 17-and-a-half, so I have just a knack for knowing how to organize young people into this organization.”

This frank admission actually came before Cullors said during an interview in 2015 that she and another co-founder were “trained Marxists.” She told the interviewer that she and her colleagues are also “super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.”

“And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,” the author of “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir,” added.

What kind of tome is Mao’s ‘Red Book?’ The National Pulse explains:

Originally published at the advent of China’s Cultural Revolution, the “Little Red Book” contains hundreds of quotes from then-Chairman Mao. Beyond representing the archetype of communist propaganda, the work was widely used by young revolutionaries to justify “purges” of anyone short of completely devoted to the Chinese Communist Party.

Mao, by the way, launched China’s “Cultural Revolution,” which lasted 10 years and was responsible for millions — millions — of Chinese deaths.

“According to the authoritative ‘Black Book of Communism,’ an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new ‘socialist’ China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine,” wrote Heritage Foundation scholar Dr. Lee Edwards on Mao’s “legacy” — which is murder — in 2010.

“For Mao, the No. 1 enemy was the intellectual. The so-called Great Helmsman reveled in his blood-letting, boasting, ‘What’s so unusual about Emperor Shih Huang of the China Dynasty? He had buried alive 460 scholars only, but we have buried alive 46,000 scholars.’ Mao was referring to a major ‘accomplishment’ of the Great Cultural Revolution, which from 1966-1976 transformed China into a great House of Fear,” Edwards added.

This is the man who Cullors and, presumably her other co-founder “trained Marxists,” revere, which tells you everything about her and the movement she created (and still aligns with to this day).

These people aren’t civil rights leaders; they are murderous tyrants-in-waiting. 

Confirmed: BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors is a self-avowed communist after admitting that she and her org are Marxist sympathizers Confirmed: BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors is a self-avowed communist after admitting that she and her org are Marxist sympathizers Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on May 14, 2021 Rating: 5

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