CNN caught harassing election workers during Arizona audit

  The world’s dumbest and most ignorant fake news empire CNN is really mad that independent auditors are taking a closer look at the election fraud situation in Arizona.

CNN is so bothered by the challenge that it actually sent “reporter” Kyung Lah to the recount site in Maricopa County to harass election workers. She was seen randomly approaching vehicles like some kind of madwoman in an attempt to interfere with the process.

Once the drivers realized she was from CNN, many were seen laughing at Lah and telling her to buzz off. A few who agreed to speak to her explained that a ballot recount is normal and necessary to ensure free and fair elections.

CNN does not approve of free and fair elections, however, and correspondent Anderson Cooper on his show tried to paint the recount as “controversial.” Lah also tried to portray the recounters as crazy extremists for questioning the obvious fraud that took place in Arizona during the 2020 election.

One driver mistook Lah as being from OANN (One America News Network). Once she realized that Lah was actually from CNN, she quickly replied, “No thank you” before rolling up her window and proceeding.

You see, nobody wants to talk to the fake news clowns from CNN, so CNN‘s only response is to attack them. This is what Anderson and Lah attempted to do with their hit segment against the recount process.

“[OANN], or One America News Network, is the small, far-right-wing outlet that has promoted false claims that Donald Trump won the 2020 election,” Lah scoffed during the blatantly partisan segment.

“[OANN] is also livestreaming the event and its hosts have helped raise funds for this exercise.”

It doesn’t get any faker than CNN

After she got done complaining about the presence of OANN at the Maricopa County Fairgrounds where the recount is taking place, Lah then started whining about how she was supposedly told that she was not allowed to enter the facility.

A second try, Lah then claimed, resulted in sudden access to the counting area where she and her crew filmed workers closely analyzing ballots with ultraviolet (UV) lights to validate their authenticity.

Failing to explain why these UV lights are being used, Lah attempted to cast suspicion on the lights as if some dark operation is taking place to try to steal the 2020 election from fake “president” Joe Biden.

Lah more than likely knows perfectly well what the UV lights are for, unless she is a few lightbulbs short of a chandelier, but she had to pretend not to know because CNN viewers are apparently gullible enough to believe that a proper forensic analysis of ballots is a “threat” to “democracy.”

“It’s really, it’s an [sic] fishing expedition for stuff that we know doesn’t exist,” alleged Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs about the recount process.

“They cried and cried for an ‘audit,’ um, for months, and they finally gotten [sic] it and they’re gonna try to use this and get it other places, too,” Hobbs added, echoing Lah’s claim that the recount is part of the Republican Party’s “Big Lie.”

The segment dragged on from there, becoming increasingly more ridiculous as it panned back to Cooper in the studio whining and complaining about the fact that Republicans want an honest election process. He then segued into talking to Cindy McCain about her new fake news book glamorizing now-deceased American traitor John McCain.

“If the vote was legit, then why are the liberal news outlets so ‘up in arms’ about recounting the votes?” asked one Citizen Free Press commenter.

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