Black Student at Nebraska High School Called 'Animal' on Science Test


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Another day, another racist-ass teacher trying it. Today’s fuckery takes us to Ralston, Neb., where a high school science teacher used a picture of a Black student without his consent on a test and labeled him an “animal.”

KETV reports that the first question on a zoology final at Ralston High School featured a yearbook photo of 17-year-old Ezekiyal Wells, a junior at the school, with the question “Which class includes the animal shown?” above the picture.

Who in their right fucking mind thinks, “Why not call a Black student an animal? What’s wrong with that?” Wells told KETV that he wasn’t even in the class so he has no idea why his picture was even used.

“Why are you using my picture out of everybody else you have in the class?” Wells asked in an interview in KETV. “To me, it came out more racist if anything because it’s like you’re trying to identify me as something,” Wells added.

“I know I’m a human, you’re not about to sit here and say I’m other than that.”

His mother, Natalie Wells, told KETV that the teacher called to apologize and during the call she asked him why he even thought it was appropriate to use the picture. The teacher’s response honestly makes things worse. “He [said] ‘Well last year in class we had a conversation about primates,’ and that’s as far as he got in the conversation before mom instincts kicked in,” Wells told the news outlet.

A conversation. About primates. Nigga, I want to fight this teacher now. Also, I’m pretty sure “mom instincts” is code for “I read that man for filth.”

Ralston Public Schools sent a statement to KETV regarding the incident. “We are taking this situation very seriously. Once aware, District officials immediately began an investigation and are continuing to look further into this situation. This is being handled as a personnel issue, and as such, we can not comment on the specifics of this matter,” the statement read.

“Ralston Public Schools strives to provide a positive learning environment for our students and staff dedicated to achieving excellence through purposeful instruction and nurturing a climate of hope and inclusion,” the statement added.

It’s unclear what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher, but hopefully ol’ boy is out of a job come next year because someone this stupid has no business teaching kids.

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