Teacher Exposes Online Teaching Tool BrainPOP Pushing Leftist Ideologies On Children

 Jonathan Koeppel is a Spanish teacher who exposed an online teaching tool for children called “BrainPOP” that pushes leftist ideologies like “Critical Race Theory.”

CORRECTION: Koeppel is still a teacher at St. Tammany Parish District where the board meeting took place. Koeppel stated he used to work in the St. Bernard district but they never took him off their page until this video started to go viral. St. Bernard district has no involvement with this school board meeting.

The Louisiana teacher appeared before the school board members at St. Tammany Parish to present how the app talks about racism.

The first played video from the app said, “Racism in our society: a built-in system of bias that makes life easier for white people and more difficult for black people and other people of color. It puts them at greater risk for poverty, unemployment, and disease. Structural racism is a factor in some disturbing trends. Black people are nearly six times more likely than whites to be imprisoned, and black men are killed by police more than twice the rate of white men.”

After playing the first video, Koeppel said the app is telling kids, especially black children that they are oppressed by white people and how there’s a system stopping them from having a chance.

“Evil and disgusting stuff in school programs by left wing companies. This is one example, there are many! It’s not just in California, it’s in our own backyards – St Tammany Parish, La. get involved in your community and speak up, be brave,” Koeppel wrote to Facebook when he first posted the video to get his message out early April.

The video started to gain popularity on TikTok which only showed a minute of Koeppels speech slamming the childrens app.

“And some individuals prefer they as a pronoun, like Neat, Orbot. They are my best friends,” is what played from the app discussing pronouns.

We got kids that can’t read and write and then we’re going to teach them incorrect grammar. I mean, it’s ridiculous. OK, who gave permission to talk about this? There’s two genders. If you’re born with a penis and you have testicles , that’s just anatomy. You’re a male. If you have a vagina and ovaries you’re a female. A man cannot menstruate. A man cannot lactate and breastfeed a child. You cannot give birth if you’re a man. If you want to be an adult and do whatever you want with your life, I’m OK with that. Don’t push this ideology on children,” Koeppel stated.

“I’m not going to work in a district that’s OK with that. You need to make a clear statement on how many genders are there, because parents, they’re already pulling kids out of public school. They’re doing homeschool options. They’re going online. It’s going to increase as this liberal ideology comes into our schools. This isn’t a political indoctrination camp, OK? It’s public education,” Koeppel said in the short clip.

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