Biden’s Intelligence Community Is Not Focused on China or Antifa But on their Political Opposition – President Trump, Roger Stone, Kash Patel and American Patriots Are First in Line


It’s no secret.  We know Obama did it before.  Now the Obama/Biden White House is at it again – using the Intel community to attack Americans who are supporters of America and the MAGA agenda.

We heard yesterday from the Deep State’s mouthpiece – the Washington Post – that the Deep State is again on the attack.  Now they’re after Kash Patel:

Kash Patel, the former GOP congressional aide who uncovered the FBI’s surveillance abuse against the Trump campaign, is the target of a federal leak investigation, according to a report from The Washington Post.

David Ignatius, a columnist for the Post, reported Friday that two sources familiar with the probe said that Patel is being investigated for unauthorized disclosures of classified information.

The investigation was sparked by a complaint made by an intelligence agency, according to Ignatius.

This is only the beginning.  We knew the Deep State was bad and corrupted under Obama.  They allowed Hillary to walk in a sham investigation and created the made-up Trump – Russia conspiracy at the same time.  The Deep State was never addressed under the Trump Presidency.

Things are about to get worse.

The new Attorney General was Obama’s pick to the Supreme Court.  We saw him in action in the General Flynn case before the DC Circuit Court.  He was rude and biased.  He agreed with the court that they needed to keep the Flynn case open.  Unprecedented in US history, it was fine with Garland to keep prosecuting a case even though the prosecution and the defendants agreed to end it as long as the defendant was General Flynn.

Now the Deep State is angry and ready to attack every good American they can.  President Trump is being harassed for his taxes by corrupt attorneys in New York.  They have no case, they are looking for a crime.

After four years of constant investigation and review, they have nothing on President Trump which says something. 

The Deep State announced another court case against Roger Stone yesterday.  This time they are after his back taxes which he has been paying for years.  Fortunately for Stone they didn’t knock on his front door early in the morning with 20 FBI agents and CNN in tow.

The patriots who attended the President’s speech on January 6th and who weren’t shot in cold blood are also being pursued by the FBI and DOJ like war criminals.  The Justice Department is showing no mercy.  They want opposing views shut down.

Julie Kelly at American Greatness wrote an excellent piece on how the Deep State is going after good Americans rather than using its assets to protect the country from foreign and domestic threats like China and Antifa.  Kelly writes about Obama/Biden’s new Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines:

Haines is wasting no time accelerating the weaponization of a sprawling organization that is supposed to identify threats to the homeland by foreign actors, not target Americans with the wrong political views.

It’s a practice, however, that Haines perfected as a trusted aide to Barack Obama; her fingerprints are all over the fabricated Trump-Russia collusion storyline and, as part of Brennan’s inner circle, Haines at least knew of—if she did not partially approve—the unleashing of insidious government surveillance tools against Trump and his campaign.

“Domestically, lone actors and small cells with a broad range of ideological motivations pose a greater immediate threat” than ISIS and al-Qaeda, Haines said in her opening statement to the committee. “We see this threat manifest itself in individuals who…commit terrorist acts for ideological goals stemming from other influences, such as racial bias and antigovernment sentiment, which we refer to as Domestic Violent Extremism or DVE. DVE is an increasingly complex threat that is growing in the United States.”

Instead of prioritizing resources to confront the menace posed by America’s foreign adversaries, which is her job, Haines is devoting most of her time to pursuing Americans on the political Right. Her first official missive as Biden’s DNI didn’t raise alarm over China or North Korea or Iran—it warned that Americans represent a “heightened threat” to the homeland this year.

This is the new America.  Get ready and prepare yourself and of course know that the Republican Party is incapable of helping you.  Many of them back the Deep State.  Just read what Kelly notes in her first couple paragraphs:

The freshly reelected Republican senator from Nebraska had kind words this week for Joe Biden’s intelligence chiefs. “The American people are blessed to have an [intelligence community] as serious as ours,” Senator Ben Sasse said during Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. He called the group, which included FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director William Burns, “heroes” and wanted a chance to “say thank you” in front of the American people.

Sasse, who is supposed to act as a fierce skeptic not a fawning cheerleader of the world’s most powerful intelligence apparatus, singled out Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines for praise. “Your opening statement . . . was incredibly strong,” Sasse swooned.

Don’t ever believe you are alone.  They know that WE are the super-majority.  President Trump had a record 75 million or more votes in the 2020 election.  They were shocked again.  Their actions are based on fear.  Our actions are based on love for our country and fellow God-loving Americans. 

Biden’s Intelligence Community Is Not Focused on China or Antifa But on their Political Opposition – President Trump, Roger Stone, Kash Patel and American Patriots Are First in Line Biden’s Intelligence Community Is Not Focused on China or Antifa But on their Political Opposition – President Trump, Roger Stone, Kash Patel and American Patriots Are First in Line Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on April 18, 2021 Rating: 5

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