Like the Russia Collusion Sham, the DOJ Is Overcharging Trump Supporters with Bogus Charges


The Justice Department in our federal government is fully corrupt.  They set up and overcharged Trump supporters in the Russia collusion scam then made a concerted effort to ignore the multitude of criminal actions in the 2020 election.  Now they are overcharging Trump supporters caught at the US Capitol on January 6th.

We’ve written about this before but every day this becomes more apparent.  The Department of Justice is corrupt.

This is really frightening for any American who loves freedom and has the courage to stand up for it.  Obama corrupted everything in an already inefficient and ineffective bureaucracy.  Now with individuals like Merrick Garland running the show, the DOJ will only get worse.  Unfortunately, the US DOJ is more like a Banana Republic’s DOJ than of the DOJ most of us grew up with.

The latest atrocity of the DOJ (after refusing to investigate the multitude of crimes in the 2020 election) is how it set up and overcharged Trump supporters at the Capitol on January 6th.

Shipwreckedcrew at Red State wrote an excellent piece discussing the status of the cases for individuals arrested at the Capitol on January 6th.  He shares:

What is beginning to happen now, as some of the January 6 protest cases are moving further into the judicial process, is that when the evidence the government’s claims about what the evidence shows is subject to greater scrutiny, the evidence fails to live up to the hype of the narrative that the government sought to establish starting back on January 7 and thereafter….

…But one issue that is percolating at this moment in several pending cases — but has not yet broken out into the public arena quite yet — is a determined and widespread tactical effort by the Department of Justice to keep the actual evidence it has in all these cases out of public view.

The government is currently attempting to strong-arm defense attorneys into agreeing to “protective orders” in connection with “discovery” in these cases. The government is attempting to coerce an agreement out of defendants that they will not include any discovery materials or reference the specifics of discovery materials in any public filings in the cases — everything would be filed under seal, and only released to the public upon an order by the court.

And one apparent crooked action done by this DOJ is as follows:

In the January 6 protest cases, the government is demanding that defense counsel agree that all materials produced in discovery related to its overall investigation be subject to a protective order, because the investigation remains ongoing and further arrests are contemplated.

 The problems created by this effort are manifest, but I’m only going to mention two briefly. I’ll come back to this in the weeks ahead, as the subject shifts into the courtroom with public filings.

First, any such protective order like the one being sought would prevent defense counsel in different cases from collaborating. They would not be able to communicate with each other about the strengths or weaknesses of the government’s cases against different sets of defendants. They would not be able to discuss inconsistencies in the government’s theories as applied in different cases, nor would they be able to exchange exculpatory information, unless they developed that information themselves, separate and apart from the material provided by the government under the protective order.

Second, the inability to make public filings challenging the nature of the evidence in the government’s cases prevents the public from scrutinizing what the government is doing in its name to some individuals who have done little more than express political opposition to the party in power. Criminal cases in the U.S. Justice System are required to be open to the public, so the conduct of the government in the name of the people can be scrutinized by those same people.

To this day we are unaware of the DOJ prosecuting any Antifa members who were at the Capitol that day and yet there is ample information to show that they were there.

FBI Director Christopher Wray claims there is no evidence Antifa was involved in activities at the Capitol that day – this is not true.

We also know members of radical neo-Nazi Ukranian groups were at the Capito that day as well.

For some reason, these groups are ignored by the DOJ but Trump supporters are put through the wringer.  The DOJ is corrupt.  Our country will not last with people like this running our DOJ.

Like the Russia Collusion Sham, the DOJ Is Overcharging Trump Supporters with Bogus Charges Like the Russia Collusion Sham, the DOJ Is Overcharging Trump Supporters with Bogus Charges Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on March 28, 2021 Rating: 5

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