Biden and Obama Work to Make America Into a Third World Sh**Hole


Guest post by Ezequiel Doiny

If Biden’s policy continues America is going to look more and more like Brazil with poor semi-naked children living in the streets, shanty towns, and a middle class that hides in closed neighborhoods with double fences and security guards.

Biden is bringing misery and fear to America, he is also sacrificing the American poor who will lose their jobs to cheaper undocumented migrant workers. Biden is helping the poor in Honduras at the expense of the American poor. If you think there is violence in America now, it is going to become much worse, crimes like “express kidnapping” may be coming to America.

On March 30, 2021, Newsmax reported:

Several hundred Hondurans set off on Tuesday for the Guatemalan border, seeking to reach the United States…”

On March 30, 2021, Newsmax reported:

A top U.S. border official said on Tuesday he expects more than a million migrants will arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border this year, a sign of a growing humanitarian challenge for President Joe Biden on the southwest border…”

On March 24, 2021, Jim Clifton Gallup’s CEO published in

42 million — said they want to go to the United States.”

By allowing millions of poor people to migrate into the US, Biden is replicating the conditions that led to social disasters in Latin America. Take for example Brazil. In Brazil, the North and Northeast are poor while the Southeast, the location of cities like Sao Paulo and Rio, is more economically developed.

Because of the economic differences between the two regions masses of poor people from the poor Brazilian North migrate to the Southeast looking for jobs and a better income. When they arrive, because they don’t have a place to live, many end up squatting on private or public land or living in illegal residences in shantytowns or in the streets.

Many shantytowns have no basic infrastructure like running water, sewage, or electricity, and some are controlled by drug cartels. In Rio, many of the green areas in the city that were originally designed to remain green to keep the city beautiful were squatted, turned into shantytowns, and are now controlled by drug cartels where the police are afraid to enter. In both Sao Paulo and Rio it is common to see semi-naked children living in the streets abandoned by their parents who cannot afford to care for them asking for a coin or a piece of bread.

Because so many people live in misery there is violence, there is always violence in countries where there is a wide gap between the middle class and the poor between those who are lucky to have an education and jobs and those who have nothing.

Where there is a wide gap between the middle class and the poor there is social tension, crime, and fear. Not all poor migrants end up becoming criminals, most actually are honest people who end up getting low-paying jobs, but some, unfortunately, end up making bad decisions and as a result, the overall crime rate raises.

The middle class in Brazil (and most other Latin American countries) live in fear, their houses have fences (sometimes double fences with barbed or electric wire), armed security, closed neighborhoods, guard dogs, etc). Ask anyone in the middle class in those countries and they know stories of violence that happened to themselves, their families, and friends. Life is tense and violent both for the middle class and the poor, some people get shot for a cell phone, some for even less.

Where are those 42 million poor migrants live when they arrive in America, are they going to build shantytowns as they do in Brazil? Where are they going to work? If the supply of cheap undocumented and uneducated labor increases they would certainly accept lower wages taking jobs from Americans. Biden’s immigration policy will sacrifice the poor in America to help the poor in Honduras, replicating the conditions existing in Brazil, bringing abandoned street children to the streets of NY, squatting land, and building shanty towns in public parks (possibly even in NY Central Park).

The movies “City of God” and “Pixote” realistically depict the lives of poor children living in violence in the streets of Brazil, these scenes could be coming to America soon.

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