More False Covid Hysteria


Let’s start with this blaring headline from the Miami Herald:

For those of you not familiar with my previous pieces on the Florida pandemic as viewed from my perch in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, I have been a consistent critic of the scare tactics because I look at the actual facts.
Here’s the latest numbers for February compared to November and December 2020. The percent of patients hospitalized with COVID at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in December was 10.3%. That number now is 6.27%. Do you call that a surge?

The 7 Day Positivity rate has gone from 5.4% in November to 3.2%. Yes, people are still being infected with COVID and a very small percentage of those are hospitalized. And even smaller number wind up in the ICU.

And what about the death rate? If you just read the Miami Herald headline you would assume they are stacking bodies. Nope. The number of people who have died at Sarasota Memorial in the last 86 days (17 November 2020 to 10 February 2021) is averaging 1 per day. (Yes, I know, two died today but none died yesterday, so it averages out).

Stumbling Joe Biden, or should I say his handlers, are pissed that Ron DeSantis, our Governor, is not playing the fear game. Florida is open for business and we have something approaching a normal, pre-COVID life (except for the brainwashed who have been bamboozled into improperly wearing masks).

Republican governors need to go on the offensive. They should require every hospital to collect and publish data along the lines of what Sarasota Memorial Hospital puts out every day. Those numbers should be posted on a website that all citizens can read. But additional data is needed. What are the ages of the people dying? Florida is called God’s waiting room by some wags because of the swarm of elderly that have put down roots here to avoid shoveling feet of global warming in such charming iceboxes as Massachusetts, Minnesota and Iowa. Guess what? Old people die. Not just from COVID.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that COVID is not a real, serious disease. But it is not the only disease that threatens life and we should not be bullied into sacrificing our Constitutional rights just because some out of touch bureaucrats buried in the bowels of Washington try to tell you where you can worship and who you can hang out with.

I believe information is power and we need to put more of the correct information into the hands of each and every American. You are more trusted to run your life than letting slow Joe do it.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital17-Nov15-Dec10-Feb
Today’s patient census:678757718
COVID-positive patients total577845
% of Covid Patients in Hospital8.41%10.30%6.27%
ICU census:515755
CoVID-positive patients in ICU12910
% of Covid Patients in ICU23.53%15.79%18.18%
Total Hospital Beds839839839
Total ICU Beds626272
7-Day SMH positivity rate5.40%4.63%3.20%
Patients who tested positive134817012811
Patients who tested negative320113826552510
% of Patient who tested positive4.21%4.45%5.35%
Patients hospitalized since outbreak began (Mar 2, 2020)113414101999
Patients treated/discharged123315482304
Patient Deaths112140203

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