“Truth Doesn’t Fear Scrutiny, Doesn’t Fear Debate But Encourages It.” – A Letter from a Trump Supporter


(Below is a letter from one of our readers regarding his thoughts on the recent events in Washington we thought we would share.)

I have had this terrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach every since November 4.  I am definitely not OK with a Biden presidency, but would perhaps more easily swallow it were it not for a plethora of fraudulent election charges, that just won’t go away. In spite of the media, and big tech telling us over and over again that everything was above board, nothing to see here, most secure and fair election ever.

Even though apparently the Russkies tinkered the Hell out of our system in 2016, this one, this election was the cleanest ever.  Bullshit! I watched the legislative hearings in the states in question.  I looked at the graphs with the miracle spikes in votes for Joe.  I saw the flash drives being secretly passed.  I saw the windows being boarded up with cardboard.  I saw election observers run out of  buildings, to raucous applause. I saw the “ballot cases” being pulled from underneath the table, after the building was cleared because of a supposed water leak.  I then saw them count those same ballots three different times.

I watched as court after court dismissed over fifty cases, refusing to even hear them.  I then watched as our very own supreme court, who was set up for such a time as this, refused to even hear a case that met, and exceeded their criteria for hearing a case.  To best describe the feeling that I have now is a great heaping of helplessness,  coupled with frustration. We couldn’t even get a court to hear the evidence, let alone rule on it. And yet we are told this is the most secure election ever? The lady doth protest too much methinks!

Something I have noticed about truth, it doesn’t have to hide behind windows covered in pizza boxes.  Truth doesn’t have to come up with some excuse to run everyone out of a building to then pull out a bunch of ballots and count them three times.  Truth doesn’t need disclaimers under its YouTube videos, or Twitter feeds. Truth doesn’t fear scrutiny, doesn’t fear debate but encourages it. 

So perhaps you can understand just a little, how Trump supporters feel.  You have for four years called us racists, Nazis, bigots, and fascists.  You have opposed every idea that our President has come up with, just because, orange man bad. You have had an ongoing coup since even before Trump was elected up until now.  He has two weeks left and you are still trying to remove him from office. And then by God, you have the unmitigated gall to blame and condemn me. And you still can’t understand why I’m upset!

I have come to the conclusion that this government, that is supposed to represent me no longer does.

(From an Average American in West “By God” Virginia.)

“Truth Doesn’t Fear Scrutiny, Doesn’t Fear Debate But Encourages It.” – A Letter from a Trump Supporter “Truth Doesn’t Fear Scrutiny, Doesn’t Fear Debate But Encourages It.” – A Letter from a Trump Supporter Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on January 09, 2021 Rating: 5

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