The Head Scratching Exceptions to San Francisco's Draconian New Lockdown Order

 San Francisco has imposed a new draconian lockdown order on its residents to fight the spread of covid, one that is poised to go into effect on Monday November 30th.

The new orders impose a curfew and limits households from visiting one another in their own homes. It also shuts all “non-essential” businesses but contains some head-scratching exceptions and other oddities.

San Francisco’s Democrat mayor London Breed announced the new orders on twitter writing:

“Unfortunately as we expected, San Francisco has been placed on the State’s most restrictive “purple” tier due the surge in COVID-19 cases. Here’s what this means for us and what we all need to do to reduce this alarming trend: This is the most aggressive surge SF has seen to date. We’re currently averaging 118 new cases per day compared to 73 per day in the first week of November. For the week of November 16th, we had 768 diagnosed cases compared to 217 diagnosed cases the week of October 12th.”

“Beginning tomorrow, November 29th at noon, San Francisco will roll back or reduce capacity of certain activities to conform with the State’s requirements,”
Breed added.

The mayor then went on to list the restrictions, closing all indoor dining, reducing retail to 25% of capacity, and indoor houses of worship. The leftist mayor however generously allowed individual prayer to continue with “updated safety protocols.”

Wanna-be dictator Mayor Breed also issued a travel advisory asking residents not to leave San Francisco county. “The City has issued a travel advisory urging residents not to travel outside of the county and recommending a 14-day quarantine for anyone who traveled outside the state or engaged in higher risk activity.”

These draconian new stay at home and curfew orders are bad enough, especially given they are most likely unconstitutional, but the exceptions to the rules are head scratching.

Members of multiple households are not allowed to mix from 10PM to 5AM, unless your homeless, then you can mix with however many households you choose. Also does covid only spread from 10PM to 5AM?

You cannot mix households but protests and election celebrations are apparently still just fine.

Retail establishments are limited to 25% capacity but grocery stores can stay at 50% capacity. Does covid spread differently at grocery stores?

And of course the list of “essential workers” and “essential jobs” is entirely arbitrary and contains head scratching exceptions. For example most government offices and workers are considered essential, nail salons and other personal care services are still open, but churches are closed.

This will not end until people rise up and refuse to be dictated to by tin pot wanna-be Democrat dictators.

After all in this country at least the people are supposed to be in charge, not the politicians and especially not the bureaucrats.

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