WATCH: Comey Claims To Know ‘Nothing’ About FBI Lawyer Who Admitted To Doctoring Email (VIDEO)


Ex-FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the Senate about inaccurate court filings made by the FBI connected with the probe into President Trump’s campaign.

Senator Ted Cruz stated, “This investigation of the president was corrupt. The FBI and the Department of Justice were politicized and weaponized. And in my opinion, there are only two possibilities: that you were deliberately corrupt or woefully incompetent. And I don’t believe you were incompetent. This has done severe damage to the professionals and the honorable men and women at the FBI because law enforcement should not be used as a political weapon. And that is the legacy you have left.”

Senator Lindsey Graham asked, “Why is Mr. Clinesmith facing criminal indictment?”

James Comey the Obama Admin. Ex-FBI Director said, “I only know what I’ve read in the public record that he was accused of changing-.”

Senator Graham reminded Comey, “You were the director of the FBI. You didn’t know that your own agency had information from the CIA verifying what Mr. Page told you that these contacts had a basis, in fact, because he was working with the CIA. Did you know that Mr. Clinesmith doctored the email for it to read that there was no association between Page and the CIA, that he change there was to there was not. How do you feel about that?”

The former FBI director answered, “I know nothing about Mr. Clinesmith other than what I’ve read-.”

Senator Graham cuts him off, “Well, how do you feel in general about an FBI lawyer doctoring information that’s exculpatory to somebody being surveilled?”

Comey answered, “Any false statement in the course of an investigation is deeply-.”

Graham continued, “But you didn’t know anything about that. Okay.”

Senator Mike Lee shared, “Mr. Comey, with all due respect, you don’t seem to know anything about an investigation that you ran. So so how can you now as a private citizen and former FBI Director show up and then speculate freely or regarding any alleged ties between President Putin and President Trump. I heard you say just a moment ago now, I hope I misunderstood you. Please correct me if I did. I think I heard you say that you speculate, still speculate they might have something on President Trump because of how President Trump refers or doesn’t refer to President Putin in public. This of course takes into account nothing about the fact that sources you’ve relied on in the past have turned out not to be accurate.”

Senator Lee continued, “You didn’t identify the inaccuracies subsequently to the FISA court. It acknowledges nothing about the fact that there are perfectly reasonable explanations as to why one leader would refer to a foreign leader in a certain tone or the fact that this is the same tone that he uses in referring to other world leaders, particularly those world leaders in parts of the country where we’ve had some issues. So honestly, how can you as a private citizen now come to us and in your capacity as former FBI Director and speculate so freely regarding these alleged ties when you don’t seem to know anything about this investigation that you ran.”

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