Gross. FOX’s Chris Wallace Plays the Victim After His Horrific Performance at First Presidential Debate


FOX News anchor Chris Wallace gave his impression of the first debate today in an interview on FOX News.  Wallace saw himself as the victim of a debate because of the President’s actions.

Chris Wallace was on FOX News today with Bill Hemmer and he shared the following about the debate that Wallace ‘moderated’ on Tuesday night:

My initial reaction was, ‘This is great’ because so often these debates become parallel news conferences where one candidate answers the question to him, the other candidate answers the question to him,” Wallace recalled. “So when the president started engaging with Biden, I thought we were gonna have a real debate here.”

However, Wallace went on, “it became clear, and clearer over time that this was something different and that the president was determined to try to butt in or throw Joe Biden off … I saw another Fox analysis that indicates the president interrupted either Biden’s answers or my questions a total of 145 times, which is way more than one a minute. And he bears the primary responsibility for what happened on Tuesday night.”

Wallace apparently didn’t think his questions were out of line.  Things like asking the President if he is a racist and giving Democrat Joe Biden a pass on his numerous racist statements and actions in the past.

Wallace also made no mention of interrupting the President of the United States over and over again during the debate and had no remorse for his own actions – it was all ‘Orange Man Bad’.  Wallace never mentioned his biased questions against the President nor did he mention the count of the many times he interrupted the President.

Wallace showed that he and Biden were not the men in the room.  By pandering for Biden both of them appeared weak:

Wallace told Hemmer that he “began being more forceful” after repeatedly urging Trump not to interrupt the Democratic nominee.

“At a certain point, 45 minutes in, I called a halt to the debate for a moment and said ‘You know, this isn’t really serving America and please stop the interruptions,'” Wallace told Hemmer. “And the president said, ‘Well, why don’t you admonish him? And I said, ‘Because you’re doing a lot more of the interrupting, Mr. President.’ Biden was doing some, no question about it, but less than half as many times as the president.”

At one point, Wallace expressed his biggest “frustration” by holding up his “debate book,” which he stressed took “hundreds of manhours and womanhours” of research to put together a “serious, substantive debate” head of the presidential showdown.

Laughably Wallace shared:

And you know, I felt that I had gotten all of the ingredients. I had baked this beautiful, delicious cake and frankly, the president put his foot in it. And that was frustrating, frustrating for me because I tried hard to prepare for a serious debate, [and] much more frustrating, importantly, for the American people because they didn’t get the debate they wanted and that they deserved. And that’s a loss for the country.”

Responding to criticism of his handling of the debate, Wallace stressed that “hindsight is 20/20” but admitted that he knew 45 minutes into the debate that it was a “total mess” and a “disservice … to the country.”

Video below from FOX News:

Gross. FOX’s Chris Wallace Plays the Victim After His Horrific Performance at First Presidential Debate Gross. FOX’s Chris Wallace Plays the Victim After His Horrific Performance at First Presidential Debate Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on October 02, 2020 Rating: 5

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