Cuomo’s New York: Police Invade Private Homes of Orthodox Jews to Crack Down on Gatherings (Video)


Cuomo’s New York.

Police are now entering private homes to crack down on Jewish gatherings.
Haven’t we seen this play out somewhere else before?

This video was taken this week at the home of a Jewish man in New York City.

Democrat authorities are using the coronavirus to raid Jewish homes in America.

According to InventNews9 — The confrontation apparently happened in Monsey, a place in Rockland County famous as a major center of Orthodox Judaism in the US. It shows a police officer standing on the doorstep of a house, engaged in a heated argument with a group of people, one of whom apparently owns the property.

The officer in the video tells the home owner his police patrol was responding to a complaint about cars parked in front of the house and noticed that a gathering of more than 10 people was underway inside, which he called “an issue.”

Cuomo’s New York: Police Invade Private Homes of Orthodox Jews to Crack Down on Gatherings (Video) Cuomo’s New York: Police Invade Private Homes of Orthodox Jews to Crack Down on Gatherings (Video) Reviewed by CUZZ BLUE on October 25, 2020 Rating: 5


  1. Wow. What distorters of the truth you are. Headline: Cuomo sending police to invade Jewish homes. Which Jewish homes? How many? Where is this happening? Then the story is about police responding to a complaint, and the jerk chassid, disrespecting the officers legitimate visit to their home. Wa it not the same police and law institutions that were praised only last year for their response to the knife attack?
    Wow! All that goodwill lost bc of some hothedfake chasidim who tried to circumvent their cities rules. Oh but the giyin do the same thing? But the fake chasidim have deaf ears on their Rebbe's droshis and lectures about our golus experience. We r in golus,folks. The goyim will scrutinize and blow out of proportion anything we Yidden do. Is it fair? No Should we care to go out of our way to prevent u due negative attention? Yes. Are these jerk fake chasidim causing a chillul Hashem and an increase in bad will with police? Yes

    1. The fact there are people like you , defending these Orwellian tactics is scary. This virus does not give these politicians the right to dictate our lives while allowing others to not only congregate , but outright destroy and loot the very businesses and livelihoods of the rest of us. Using the media and this virus to divide us, to control us and squash ya into submission is anything but American. The fact these officers are being used ( and participating ) in the heavy handed tactics against the very people that support them and defend them blows my mind. The Democrats really do resemble the Nazis - who btw got their propaganda plan from the same American progressives using them on US now. If I were you , I would do some very real soul searching and research because what you are defending has been seen before and it never ends well for anyone


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